What episode does Luffy use gear 1 – One Piece

What episode does Luffy use gear 1 – One Piece What episode

The anime Van Pees is as popular as possible, it has a lot of characters, an interesting plot. The series has been on the screens for a very long time, each episode is a separate story. But each of them is full of events, so many people are interested in which episode, whether this or that situation happened.

Features of the series One Peace

Many people are interested, for example, in such a question – in what exact episode happens Luffy first uses the first gyr. However, this question seems a bit incorrect for fans, because in fact he is actively using only the second gyr. The first, in fact, does not exist, but certain abilities can be attributed to it, all of which were at the beginning of his journey. Luffy is the captain of the ship, called the Pirates of the Straw Hat crew. As a child, Luffy ate a special fruit – rubber – and his body learned to deform like rubber.

For over two decades, the anime has been appearing on the screen, with many believing that this series surpasses Naruto, Dragon Pearl in its popularity. However, it is not as popular in Russian territories. The fact is that the anime is kept afloat for a long period, it is a comic series, it has huge collections, it has a lot of fans. However, many explain its popularity in other countries in their own way, believing that it is largely due to the fact that this saga tells the story of how the path of pirates began and in which countries piracy is common.

To begin with, the pirate king is executed because they have decided to end the pirate life. The world government holds a scare, but during the execution, the chief pirate declares that there is a treasure whose name is Van Pees and everyone rushes to find it. Everyone follows the course of events and tries to follow the logic of the series.

When Luffy uses gyres.

A young pirate decides to sail down the main line to find this treasure. He will stop at nothing, participating in the search for this treasure. He sets out with his crew, but it happens that he gets into different comic situations, because his goal is to become the king of pirates, and in order to do that he really needs all the gyres he possesses. He can apply different skills in order to achieve his goal.

The main thing is the support of friends, that is why this series is famous for the fact that it is about friendship, about camaraderie. Characters support each other, their goal is to make their friend a true king, so they make every effort to do so. In the series Van Pis has long been known and popular, many believe that this is one of the most significant and longest series, which even surpasses the popularity of the series about Naruto. Those who have watched it at least once get sucked into the story, diligently watching each episode, they know exactly what is happening at one point or another, trying to take it to a new line. There are often arguments about events, but there is a certain chronology of events, and many people expect a certain storyline related to the course of the series. The main task of the creators is to keep the audience interested with a gripping storyline.

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