What episode does Luffy Become A Yonko?

What episode does Luffy Become A Yonko? What episode

The anime One Piece has long been popular and well known around the world, as it tells an interesting story about the life of young pirates. The main characters are very active teenagers who did not come to piracy to rob and kill, their goal is to find the treasure. Luffy also dreams of becoming a pirate king, the main thing is to see new worlds, it’s a lot of opportunities, that is, teenagers believe that the life of a pirate is romantic and interesting in its own way, because it is full of freedom of action.

Storylines of the series

The main characters are best friends, they have been friends with each other for a long time, in general this anime is about camaraderie, about friendship, betrayal. This is not a romantic anime, there are no special love lines, but friendship is carefully shown, which is very popular among teenagers. Many are fans of this series, but if we consider the CIS countries, it is us, this anime is not considered one of the most popular. Although at the world level, it stands in the same line as the Naruto series. This is due to the fact that perhaps the romanticism of the pirate life is closer to European countries, for Japan.

In general this series is about a lot of heroes, but a lot of people are wondering when Luffy will become a yonko – the leader of pirates. The main reason for this is that he can’t go back to being a pirate leader. If you look specifically at which episode he becomes a yonko, it’s episode 878. Luffy was proclaimed the fifth Sea Emperor. This event took place after the battle on Cake Island, and reporter Morgan announced Luffy’s exploits, informed the world, and introduced him as an emperor. However, it was the title that interested him; he did not want to become a pirate leader.

In what series does Luffy become a yonko?

All fans of the series know for a fact that Luffy was a yonko, though some claim that such an event never actually took place. The government gave the title of fifth yonko to him, meaning he became a leader on the state level, but it was his goal to become a king. He is recognized as a yonko, despite the fact that he himself does not particularly accept the position. In any case, the series shows that it is a great opportunity for everyone to find something interesting here.

If you follow all the plot lines, you will visit different islands, meet different pirates. Each of them has their own story, their own goal. Overall, the series is a lot of fun, it is you will see that the characters are young, fun-loving friends. In fact, the series and all the action in it is almost comic. The hero is very strong, he is able to turn into a rubber, but at the same time many skills are incomprehensible for his role in general.

This series is a lot of opportunities for everyone to learn something interesting for themselves, to see different moments, which will make the series really interesting and exciting. In general, the series one piece is recognized by many as very exciting, interesting, it shows different moments, captivates teenagers with its actions, full of interesting realities, tells a very detailed story about the life of pirates.

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