What episode does Luffy beat Kaido

What episode does Luffy beat Kaido What episode

Kaido, in dragon form, crashes into the ground after being hit in the head by Luffy . As his subordinates leave the area, they remark that they believe the samurai was the one behind the attack. Upon reaching the ground, Luffy yells to his crew and asks if they managed to avoid Kaido’s fire attack. Elsewhere, Shutenmaru decides to stay and watch the fight; don’t run away. Luffy overhears several of Kaido’s subordinates discovering Lady Speed , who is badly injured. Fearing for Tama’s life, Luffy asks Speed ​​if she was able to safely get Tama out of the city, to which he is told that Kaido spotted them, and despite his best efforts to protect Tama, Kaido wounded them both.

Angry at this, Luffy kicks himself for not going with them and prepares to attack Kaido. Law furiously yells at Luffy that they need to check their teams and scolds him for compromising their plans; Luffy ignores Law and yells at Kaido to get his attention. Kaido recognizes Luffy and comments on his arrival at Wano. He then releases another breath of fire towards Luffy, incinerating the nearby area; however, Speed ​​was able to lift Luffy into the air, at Kaido’s eye level. Luffy immediately activates Gear Third and pummels Kaido with numerous punches. The rest of the Beasts Pirates are shocked to see Kaido get hurt so much and he falls from the sky, transforming back into his human form.

Luffy charges forward, activating Gear Fourth and continuing his attack. However, to everyone’s surprise, Kaido gets back on his feet. While looking at Luffy, Kaido brandishes a kanabo and stabs Luffy, knocking him back and mocking his words to become the Pirate King as Luffy passes out from the blow.

Luffy’s first battle against Kaido took place in episode 914 (manga chapter 923)

How and when does Luffy finally beat Kaido?

Luffy’s final battle against Kaido took place in Chapters 1042 to 1049 of the One Piece manga.

Luffy vs. Kaido continued after Kaido defeated Luffy in the first battle and sent him to the ground. Kado thought the war was over since he defeated the brat. But a strange incident happened that has yet to be explained, and Luffy recovered from that defeat. 

Luffy faced Kaido for the second time with the help of his crew, and it became three captains against Kaido. But they went their separate ways and Kado ran into Luffy in the second part. Luffy promised that he would never lose as he found ways to defeat Kaido.

Kaido’s strength is deteriorating after the incidents with Onigashima and Luffy has a chance to defeat Kaido as the battle continues. Kaido also lost his leading performers. The battle is on both sides, Onigashima continues as Fugga and Rocky trade blows. 

The samurai also pushed Kaido’s subordinates while CP0 had other plans. This became interesting for the samurai and the Straw Hat Pirates as they gained the upper hand. Luffy vs. Kaido continues after this game.

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