What episode does Jinbei join Luffy?

What episode does Jinbei join Luffy? What episode

One Piece is one of the most popular and sought after all over the world, it is an interesting anime about pirates, who are waiting on the way a lot of interesting adventures. The fact is that all the pirates go in search of treasure, which said the last king of the pirates, who was executed.

Features of the anime

The treasure is called one piece, and it is the most valuable, so many people go in search of this treasure, making every effort. One of these people is Luffy. He tries to find the treasure and become the king of pirates, working hard to do so. He does everything he can to find the treasure as quickly as possible without expending too much effort, he has to apply all his skills. He has a peculiarity of action, because at a young age he ate a special fruit, which gave him flexibility, now he can bend like rubber.

The series reveals many interesting moments, friendships with different people, help, betrayal. It is an opportunity to see interesting events, including how fast events unfold, how exciting they are and how exciting they are. The popularity of the anime is due to the fact that it raises the themes of friendship, camaraderie, it is always relevant for teenagers, so the series is as popular as possible and has lasted more than 20 years.

Many people were waiting for certain events that take place in the series, for example, many people wanted to know when the hero will join Jinbei . There are different opinions on this matter, for example, he will join the team already in 820 series, but before that his membership was in question, but officially became joined the pirates only at a certain point. It’s an event that leaves no one indifferent and gives unforgettable emotions. Luffy is a young man who is the main character, but he has many friends, including Jinbei .

When did Jinbei appear in the anime.

Jinbei is a great character who influenced the course of the story in many ways. He played his roles in the series, for example, he asked to help save Ace, he comforted him after Ace died. He was attached to the team to the delight of all the fans. This character played his part, so he stayed in the memory of many fans. He is a member of the Straw Hat Pirates crew, he was the helmsman. He is also inherently a fish-man. Fans have developed a map of him, and have figured out exactly what abilities the character has, and what his role in the series as a whole is.

The character is officially the tenth member of the Straw Hat Pirates. His name is first mentioned in the anime when he was telling his story. He was officially introduced much later. During the war he became very friendly with Luffy, allied with his crew. His job was to prevent the new fish-human pirates from turning over, he didn’t want fish-humans to turn against Neptune’s family and the entire kingdom. He was immediately invited to become part of the Straw Hat Pirates’ crew, but he declined because he had unfinished business with the past crew. He promised that once he was ready, he would ask for it himself and come and join them. The character is essentially a big blue discus fish, a whale shark, he has a stocky build and looks a lot like a sumo wrestler.

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