In which episode Ibrahim will be executed – Magnificent Century

In which episode Ibrahim will be executed - Magnificent Century What episode

More than one series is devoted to the death of the talented Grand Vizier. For a long period before his actual death he was harassed, and Hürrem almost openly organized an attack on him in an unfinished mosque. This was possible because of the weakening of his position in the eyes of Suleiman.

Unfortunately, Ibrahim was too childish, openly and sincerely attached to his lord. That is why he did not realize how disastrous the connection with Nigar would be for him. After all, one of the reasons for Suleiman’s endless patience and forgiveness toward him was the fact that he was the beloved husband of his sister Hatice. His treason was seen as betrayal. It did not matter that Hatice forgave him, it did not matter that the incident was hushed up. He who betrayed once could betray again. This approach to his actions was reinforced by the constant itching of Hürrem, who did not forget to constantly remind the Sultan of the Vizier’s every transgression.

Gradually his failures began to grow like a snowball. His attempt to expose Hürrem’s duplicity and meanness to the Sultan ended in failure. The trip to Bursa and the meeting with Mustafa also became a source of suspicion, which was constantly fuelled by his wife.

In fact, if you analyze Suleiman’s behavior during this period, it becomes obvious that the idea of killing Ibrahim had been looming on his horizon for a long time. Few people paid attention to the fact that it was during this period that he began to gain real prestige among the dignitaries, and his military talents became undeniable. No one praised Suleiman’s genius, but the talents of his slave began to be recognized by enemies and friends alike. There is not much emphasis on this in the film, but the Sultan’s envy is obvious. After all, he himself is rather useless – this was later proved by his not too successful campaigns. And also the use of Ibrahim’s ideas, of course, already in his own name, such as the founding of the state of Yemen.

At the end of episode 80 of the third season, while on the ship with Ibrahim, Suleiman asked Ibrahim how he would like to die. And the vizier replied that his soul would only find peace if he died as his best friend, brother and comrade-in-arms. In what follows, we shall see Ibrahim’s death and appreciate the Sultan’s friendly and fraternal feelings.

Süleyman could not openly make accusations. This was to a certain extent contrary to his nature, as will be seen later, during the organization of the execution of his son. And for the first time it was possible to appreciate his character earlier when he executed his son-in-law, Ferhad. He did not act very decisively then – the young sultan’s moral principles were still closer to normal.

To justify his decision to kill his grand vizier, the sultan begins to look for loopholes. And Ebussud-Efendi helped him by suggesting that in his dreams the Sultan is in a state close to complete absence from the world of the living (end of 81 series). This would be the right moment to kill Ibrahim.

The holiday of Ramadan has arrived. It is important for all Muslims to have holy meals at night and to fast during the day for the glory of Allah. In episode 82 we see Ibrahim alive for the last time. The director spectacularly emphasized his scene of farewell to his wife. The sultan himself has invited him for iftar, so the great vizier goes to the palace. Everything looks ghostly – the hall in his palace, Hatice and Ibrahim himself. They themselves, their newfound happiness and mutual understanding already seem to dissolve into a bluish haze.

The last frames of episode 82 of the third season show the end of the earthly life of Ibrahim, Sultan Suleiman’s Grand Vizier. As the pope later put it, Sultan Suleiman cut off his right hand, and did it himself…

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