In what episode will Aidan come out of house

In what episode will Aidan come out of house What episode

The series You Knock on My Door is particularly popular, lately this Turkish series is liked by almost everyone who watches it. However, it is worth noting that this series, although it tells about the lives of adults, it is popular among teenagers, because it is filmed in a somewhat primitive manner. In addition, the roles here are played by ordinary people, not professional actors. In general, it is quite a complicated plot, which still carries a number of features that are characteristic of any soap opera.

Popularity of the series You Knock on My Door

The series has memory loss, children out of wedlock, and various emotional swings, that is, all the things that may be of interest to a young audience. The series Knock On My Door has several storylines. There are many characters here, whose relationship development you can follow. Many people care about the question in which series Aidan went outside the house, thus we can say that this heroine also has her own fans.

Aidan is the mother of the main character, she is a minor character, but still plays her part in the development of the plot. She is a mother who had several children, a faithful wife to her husband. It is Serkan who plays a key role here, he is Aidan’s youngest son. The young man meets the girl Edda and they develop a relationship, but Serkan’s mother has some problem, she has a disease – agoraphobia, that is, she is afraid of open spaces. The woman does not leave her house, and all the information she has comes from her friends, who tell her what is going on behind the doors. It is worth noting that the hero’s mother does not leave the house because she is cranky, she does have a disease. She prefers not to leave the walls of the house and is cooped up in her room. She cannot cope with the ailment on her own, but thanks to the help of her devoted friend, she is aware of what is going on outside.

When Aidan left her home

If you’re wondering when Aidan has to leave her house, this is episode 18, certain events happen in which she has to leave the house, she’s faring noticeably better. And he decides to look into important matters on his own. Despite her illness, Aidan Bolat is a classy tough business lady, but she begins to get sick, she has some psychological problems. This may be due to the fact that there are many tragedies in her family. One of her sons died in a car accident, her second son lost his memory after a plane crash, and there are various events that psychologically break the woman. She has difficulty leaving her home, as a result she gets better and goes outside her home, which makes all the fans of the series happy.

This woman plays her role, and so many followed the development of the plot, wishing that the woman finally recovered and was able to lead a full life. This series is popular, in demand, many believe that it is one of the most famous series in recent times. Consequently, and the storyline of each character arouses interest among fans. For what reason the woman left home, what made her leave her abode, it is best to find out directly by watching the series.

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