What does the song “Syko – #BrooklynBloodPop​!” mean?

What does the song “Syko - #BrooklynBloodPop​!” mean? songs

Syko’s song “#BrooklynBloodPop!” was very popular on Tik Tok. In short videos, different clips from this song were heard every now and then, people could dance to it, create edits (short edited video that consists of photos or clips from other videos) and remix. Everyone liked the sound, but few knew the words, and they, it should be said, are quite specific. In this article, we will analyze the music, why it is so catchy, and, of course, the lyrics of the song.


If you listen to the song, I don’t pay attention to the words, then it really fascinates and sits in your head: simple beats that are constantly repeated, a muffled voice that does not seem to sing its own text, but only sings along to the sounding beats, rare “anime” cries of some kind then the girls in the background, and of course the incredible energy. This kind of music makes me want to dance. It will remain in the head, even if it can be heard only once. This is the secret of success, because listening to this song is incredibly pleasant and relaxing.


Here are just the words in the song are very peculiar. At first it may seem that the text is meaningless, and the singer simply rhymed various aggressive phrases. Perhaps this is how it is, however, if you read it better, then the meaning appears, and not one, but even two. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Gangster group

According to this version, the hero of the song is a member of the Blood street gang. This is a real-life gang in the United States, which at the beginning of its existence was distinguished by extreme cruelty. This was due to the fact that along with them there was also the “Crips” grouping, which outnumbered the “Bloods”, and the only chance for the “Bloods” to survive and win was only aggression, due to which they attacked the enemies at any opportunity. , and the harshness that made their actions unpredictable.

The belonging of the lyrical hero to a gang can explain his cruelty and aggressive attitude towards other people. He does drugs, possibly rapes girls, and always wants to fire his gun.

The whole song is his fragmentary memories of how the day goes. However, they are briefly overshadowed by the hero’s realization that he seems to have “fallen in love”. However, at the end, the girl leaves him, leaving him alone, and this is a symbol that the hero’s life will not change, and he will continue to take drugs and participate in gunfights until he dies.

In this case, the first words can be translated as: “Shoot <…> “blood” <…>”. That is, there is no talk of blood, the hero talks about the everyday life of his gang.

spoiled teen

In this version, the song is sung from the perspective of a wealthy nihilist teenager. He is cruel, and he solves all problems with violence. His reputation may have already been damaged, as he asks a person unknown to the audience: “Cover me” – this is how the hero shows that he fears for his life. However, he just “needs rumors”, he revels in his fame and, at the same time, impunity.

The hero enjoys being in an atmosphere of lawlessness, when he can do whatever he wants against others. The fact that other people can kill him or cause serious harm is not embarrassing, since the hero is confident in his impunity.

His mind is constantly clouded by drugs. This may explain why the hero in the song jumps from threats and insults (“I’ll shoot your skull and tires”) to lengthy reflections on life and philosophizing (“It’s so hard to keep in touch with this world”).

Perhaps in the end he finally paid the price for his actions, for there are the words: “I’m reeling from blood loss, / The cops are looking for me.” They hint that his atrocities will soon come to an end. However, soon the same lines are heard in the text as at the beginning: “Cover me, / I need rumors.” This loops the composition of the song and shows that the hero again managed to escape punishment and hide.

In this case, the very first words can be translated as: “Shot <…> blood <…>”. Then they can be interpreted as things without which the hero does not see his existence, because he constantly needs only skirmishes and the sight of blood that will flow from the people he has killed.

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