The meaning of the song «Shake It» by Metro Station

The meaning of the song «Shake It» by Metro Station songs

Ever wondered why today’s youth are so obsessed with music? Why before, when the music industry was not developed, and young men and women listened to Beethoven or Chopin, young people preferred to read books and do something else. Few people were enthusiastic about social events, many considered the music of famous composers boring. What is the main problem that young people are trying so hard to join the music industry?

The modern music industry provides a unique opportunity for everyone who wants to try his hand in the field of music. This is due to the fact that in addition to the usual styles of pop singing, rock, instrumental performance, rap and many other types of singing and writing lyrics are now actively included. In order to best take into account the presence of a greater opportunity, it is necessary to take into account the development of technologies. What started to happen next? Famous singers and singers such as Ani Lorak, Max Barskikh or Alla Pugacheva sing far from sex, drugs, money and expensive cars. They have songs filled with meaning, femininity or audacity. But what if we take apart such artists as OG Buda, Mayot or Soda Luv? They provide young individuals with songs about drugs, grandmas (money), heifers and wheelbarrows.

Among those who wrote a song without meaning were Metro Station.

The history of the creation of a new band called Metro Station

Unfortunately, it was not possible to find out about the history of writing the song Shake It, since the band itself did not say anything interesting about it. Let’s just say that there was no backstory, but there is some interesting information about the creation of the group and the meaning of the song as a whole.

In 2006, Trace and Mason decide to create a group. The idea crept in when they met on the set of Hannah Montana. The keyboardist and bassist is Blake Healy, an invited person by Cyrus, and he himself was the vocalist and played the guitar. Musso is the rhythm guitarist and main soloist.

Anthony Improgo drew attention to the newly created group, and soon their debut track called “Seventeen Forever” was released. In September 2007, the guys released their first album, recorded at the studio. They had two singles – “Kelsey”, “Control”. The released songs did not see high positions, however, the group rose well in sales.

Meaning of Metro Station — Shake It

What is Shake It by Metro Station about? The band’s popular song Metro Station has two interpretations. First, the song is all about sex. It’s about going to a club, getting to know a girl, and then taking her home for the night. Despite wanting to sleep with her, he is also shy and nervous, as the lyrics explain, “And I thought of places I could hide, I could tell you could say I’m in no hurry.” The second interpretation goes beyond the sexual nature of the song and sings about a couple full of youth. A young couple feels alive and young, they have vitality.

It’s about going with the flow and enjoying the moment when the words say, “When she does it like this, will you do it like that? When she touches like this, will you touch her back?” Many TikTokers were surprised to find that the song is not about dancing, as shaking is a slang term for dancing. Why is Shake It by Metro Station trending? TikTok users went crazy over this song, performing a dance routine to one of its parts. There seem to be several versions of doing rounds, but one involves elbowing, head nodding, shaking, and other movements.

The most recognizable move in a set is when two or more people hit each other with their elbows repeatedly. TikTokers @littledoorag and @number9ok5 first posted their version of the dance on July 16, 2020. In the first week after publication, over 26,000 people used sound to create the same dance. The video currently has over 8.2 million views on TikTok and over 78,000 shares. Big TikTok names like Addison Ray, Dixie D’Amelio and Lil Huddy also recreated the clip.

It turns out that modern realities are a relic of past years. According to the history of the creation of the song, it can be seen that it was created in 2008. It turns out that literally 15 years ago, people were already starting to write about sex, drugs, a wild lifestyle, and so on. This is what makes me think that today’s artists feed on old bands and solo guys writing about such things. In fact, many guys who do not know a foreign language will not understand in life the meaning of the song Shake It by Metro Station, but if you read the translation, you can clearly see what the performers actually wrote about.


Modern realities show that songs written more than 10 years ago carried the same meaning and message as the “masterpieces” of modern performers. Everyone strives to write a song about what is most interesting and discussed among young people and older people. It is worth noting that grandparents would hardly have reacted badly to a young teenager writing a song about a grasshopper. But when young people try to appear older and “smarter” beyond their years, this is where the real monologues of the older generation come into play.

Metro Station proved to all of us that even a few decades ago, songs were written with a bias towards sexual overtones. Of course, listening to songs about sex is much more pleasant in English than in Russian, but the fact is that they existed even then. That is why you should not condemn modern society for writing sexual texts, about drugs, about cars and girls. Everyone writes because of their promiscuity and because of the desire to stand out among the crowd.

The psychological factor influences a person too much, and smart young performers skillfully use it. After all, something that is constantly heard and discussed always flies into the tops. This article detailed two sub-lyrics of the song Shake It by Metro Station, which hit the top spot 15 years ago.

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