The meaning of the song «Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)» by Kate Bush

The meaning of the song «Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)» by Kate Bush songs

Love songs will always be relevant, because this feeling does not leave a person. It can’t even be called “fashionable” because love is not about fashion. Almost 90% of the tracks in the world are dedicated to feelings and emotions. The British singer Kate Bush tried to express her point of view about love. Her song “Running up the hill” is a kind of message to the future generation about what falling in love, sympathy and a constant desire to be close to your loved one can do to a person. The track also has a secret meaning, which Kate beautifully veiled.

History of creation

Once Kate Bush was a very famous performer, but one day life made its own adjustments. The girl stopped releasing songs, did not please her fans at all, led a normal life. After a couple of years, she returned fresh and rested. It seems that this pause gave the singer self-confidence, and the changes in her life helped to move on. And so the song “Run Up This Hill” was born, in which Bush decided to talk about the experiences and feelings that had been with her all this time.

The meaning of the song «Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)» by Kate Bush

In order for the message to be clear, it is necessary to parse the brightest lines. They have the same hidden meaning.

“It doesn’t hurt me. Do you wanna feel how it feels?” – the perfect introduction, the beginning of the story, the start for any story. She says that she knew love, touched it, realized that it was an amazing feeling. Love does not hurt at all, it inspires and gives light. And if you are not afraid, if you are not afraid, then try to feel this sensation. Kate is not hurt by this feeling, she breathes calmly and evenly, inviting the others to accept love in their hearts.

“Do you wanna hear about the deal that I’m makin’?” – love opens up new possibilities for a person. Inspired by feelings, people do things that they would never have started if they had not loved. The hero of the song wants to share his thoughts, he literally screams that wings seem to have grown behind him.

“You don’t wanna hurt me but see how deep the bullet lies” – no, no one shot. This is a kind of metaphor for love. Apparently, the person is so deeply seated in the heart of the heroine, like the most corrosive bullet, that she does not want to be pulled out. Kate sings that she will no longer be able to think of anyone but this person, in her heart now – only he is alone.

“Oh, there’s thunder in our hearts” – here the girl realizes that she will never be calm again. She won’t sit still. This person settled so deeply that with his only glance he raises a wave of incredible sensations, he excites her, makes her body covered with goosebumps. How much she is in love! Is it good that this is the way it is? After all, it is very easy to hurt a person to the very soul, especially someone who loves a lot.

“Is there so much hate for the ones we love? ” – a very controversial phrase, but extremely truthful. The fact is that love can inspire and at the same time drive you crazy. Apparently, at first it was pure sincere love, and over time it turned into a negative that pours out on the heroine of the song. Unrequited feeling. Either they stopped loving her so much, or she went too far with her feelings. She’s been hurt, but she doesn’t understand it yet. She feels only pain, believing that this is normal.

“And if I only could I’d make a deal with God” – the heroine of the song says that if she had one small chance, she would certainly spend it talking with God. She would not ask for wealth and travel, would not want beyond her ability. The only thing she would ask was that her loved one be with her always, that love would last forever.

“Be runnin’ up that road, be runnin’ up that hill” is another confirmation that love inspires and gives a person new opportunities. I want to fly, run, rush somewhere, just to feel alive. And if Bush had such a chance, even the smallest one, she would have done it without hesitation. She would prove to the person that her heart is completely filled with him, he would show him his world and soul, immerse him in himself.

“It’s you and me, won’t be unhappy” – the only thing that is unshakable is faith. The most interesting thing is that Kate really firmly believes that everything will be fine in the future, not knowing that they will part sooner or later. She does not even assume and does not accept parting. Although it is always necessary to consider all options, no matter how sad they may be.

“With no problem! Say, if I only could” – she would really have corrected a lot in her feelings for a person. She would probably take away the pain, turn it into happiness. She would do her best not to know any negative feelings. Yes, all people would want this, but life is too cruel, it does not accept light alone.

Kate Bush’s video for this song is presented in the form of two dancing people who are connected by love. A man often raises the heroine so that she flutters with sensations, and he himself – with a stone face. His feelings are no longer the same as before. But Kate in the video is simply incomparable. Her emotions cannot be faked. She is ready to run even to the ends of the world, if only with her loved one. The video even has this fragment, when there is only a path and two people running in a straight line for their happiness. In itself, their dance is the embodiment of all sensations and desires. All the supporters are mostly on top and with outstretched arms, as if people want to embrace the world and give it to their loved ones.

Love is wonderful. But it is better if it is moderately bright, because you can go crazy from excessive feelings, like the heroine of the Kate Bush track.

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  1. Richard

    You don’t know what the songs about. It is simple. Kate wants to know what it would be like to swap genders with the man during
    sexual intercourse. By a life long KB fan. “may the Bush be with you£