The meaning of the song «Mean Ol’ Moon» by Norah Jones

The meaning of the song «Mean Ol’ Moon» by Norah Jones songs

Mean ol’ moon-Norah Jones. Currently, people, or rather teenagers and even adults, listen to foreign music: rock, pop and many more different styles with completely different meanings, melodies and intonation. But there are very few people left who prefer beautiful classics that will never go out of style.

A little about the classics. The classical form of music is exemplary musical works, the golden fund of world culture. This music combines depth, content, as well as spiritual peace. Today we will talk about the music of the classical Mean ol’ moon genre.

The song Mean Ol’Moon was released in 2015 on the album: Ted 2: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by the beautiful singer Norah Jones. If you listen to the song, you can feel inner peace and tranquility. She is calm, many would like. However, not everyone watches the text and translation, and without knowing the translation, it will be very difficult to understand the general meaning.

I think when Nora sang this song, she felt calm at the same time as a well-audible, light sadness. She sings about the moon, but with sadness. I think you can assume and even imagine that she is sitting, and sadness is felt in her voice, she tells the lonely moon from a high looking at her about her relationship with a guy. She yearns, sings in sadness, telling that her boyfriend, who seems to be like her loves, but at night constantly “runs away” from her. And here she sits under the moon alone by the fire and tells the moon about her story, which she seriously thinks about every evening alone, sitting by the fire.

Parsing the meaning of lines:

1: Mean ol’ moon It must be fun To shine upon

If you look at the situation from the movie “The Third Extra”, you can assume that when you play this song on the guitar, you kind of tell her about your situation. The performer talks about the fact that he is standing, watching the beautiful moon and talking to her.

2: While I come undone
(When I pour out my soul)

While the moon is watching, she may feel bad. We cry into a vest, pour out our soul, destroying our anxieties and fears. Unnecessarily open and frank, we reveal ourselves to people on a grand scale. As if we are going blind pouring out our soul. We become empty, we destroy our personality. By pouring out our soul, we give energy. It is important to be able to contain your innermost. This is the meaning of the line.

3: Til I’m all alone Beneath the sun You mean ol’

Lonely people are distinguished by charisma, good looks, an analytical mind, good upbringing and manners, behind which a strong look is always hidden, in which a slight sadness is barely visible. The meaning of the lines, “we make ourselves lonely”

4: With your beam You led the

Standing under the moon, reflecting on your decisions, thinking where to go, which way? You think a lot and look for the right path, and looking at the moon you decide. Its beam gives determination and confidence in one’s thoughts and decisions. Although sometimes it seems that the most scenic roads in life are detours that you didn’t want to take. Someone counted the days until the end of the road. Someone knew that life on the road is the best life possible. Regardless of the roads we choose, our essence will lead us to the same end. Fortunately, there is no way. Happiness is the way. Nora understands what is happening, understands that she is moving away from the person, she understands which path she has chosen.

5:And found me love I thought was, here to

When people find what they needed, and later lose, they begin to feel very sad. You can love all your life, and fall out of love any day. For loved ones, paradise is where they were together. And no matter how many sunsets and sunrises they meet together. What matters is what they are. Freedom is the highest value, if love does not give people freedom, it is not love. The meaning of the lines is that in love there are no innocents, in love there are only victims. The many-sided feeling called love builds bridges from one loneliness to another. These bridges can be fabulously beautiful, but are rarely built to last.

6: Til you went and took My love away You mean ol’

The moon is a reflection of the eyes. When two people look at her from different parts of the earth, they certainly meet with their eyes. People come and go from our life, it rarely happens that it is forever. If you love a lot, you will let go for a long time, and you will not always be able to let go. But if a person has the ability to reason, and can contemplate the sun, moon and stars, and enjoy the gifts of the earth and the beautiful, moonlight, he is not alone and not helpless. The meaning of the line is people come and go, approach and move away, this cannot be changed.

7: Oh, you mean ol’ stars

When you look at the stars, you always want to dream. Stars are the best thing in life. There are no stars on the side where we go when we die. Looking at the stars and remembering the past is a very good thing. At first, there were no stars in the sky. And when they learned to love, their hearts rose into the sky and became stars. This means that there is so much love in the world that we cannot even imagine. The meaning of the line is that each person has his own guiding star, which shows him the way to his dream. In the song we’re talking about today, it’s a guy.

8: The games that you play with me
(Games that you play with me)

It can be assumed that games with feelings are described here. It talks about games with feelings from which the performer is very dreary and sad. Love is a game with feelings and emotional swings that do not always end well, and sometimes very tragically for people who really love. Whoever said “I love you” first, lost. If you lose, you lose everything. The meaning of the line-games are different. One of them is the game of love. Love is an ordinary-looking card game where both cheat. One is to win, the other is not to lose.

9: I could find some happiness.
(I could find some happiness)

It talks about lost happiness that cannot be returned. Everyone has different happiness. For some it is wealth, love. Some people travel endlessly. To achieve happiness, you need to work hard. In this line, the performer sings with bitterness, saying that she is not happy. She asks the moon and the stars for some real happiness. Kindness and tenderness are felt in the words of the singer, and this despite the fact that she is not completely happy. Her happiness lies in a wonderful relationship with a guy who suffers a lot despite his love for her.

10: If all of my nights were cloudy
(If all of my nights were cloudy)

It talks about problems, not everything is good in a relationship. The point is, nothing is perfect in life. There’s always something or someone who messes things up

11: I hope it’s true, You’re taking all the light that’s left in you, And saving it up for you
know You know)

In the song, the meaning is this: the moon will always shine for you. Independence what kind of person you are and what your actions are. But it will shine brighter only for those whom it trusts and knows.

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