The meaning of the song lyrics «Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs»

The meaning of the song lyrics «Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs» songs

This tune was first heard in the American sitcom Frasier, released in 1993, and became the leitmotif of the extraordinary adventures of a psychiatrist who had just suffered the collapse of his personal life. The poor man’s head is a mess, just like the kitchen of a rich house before a dinner party or the bowl of a tricky salad.

The plot of the song “Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs”

Of course, Fraser has just divorced his wife, paid her back pay, and now returns to his hometown to analyze his mistakes and start a new life. Now he has to lead a bachelor life with his retired father, learn to iron shirts, fry eggs and dress salads by himself. And at the same time learn a new profession of local radio host – a man who knows all the gossip, scandals, weddings and divorces! What a turn in the life of “highbrow” intellectual, who discussed only trendy psychiatric theories and literary novelties and did not know how to open a can of fish! The audience wonders if the “smart guy from Boston” will fit into his new life, the hero makes discoveries that would be the envy of Sigmund Freud himself, and behind the scenes you hear a tune that celebrates salads and scrambled eggs – the standard breakfast of an American bachelor and a fan of HLS in one person!

History of the song “Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs”

Some people confuse this song with the song of a similar name, “Scrambled Eggs,” which was composed by Paul McCartney. If you believe the Beatlemans, Paul heard this tune in his sleep, just as Dmitri Mendeleev heard his table of periodic elements. And waking up, they both wrote down their discovery, so that the epiphany would not fade away, like a light-winged dream that brings not only dreams and fantasies but also epochal discoveries.

The story of the song “Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs” is more prosaic – it is considered a version of a jazz composition performed in 1952 by Annie Ross. There are many such versions, but this one is considered the most authentic, because Johnny Mitchell was crazy about Annie Ross and her repertoire and unique way of performing it. To avoid copyright problems, the makers of the sitcom decided to include the version rather than the original. In addition, for them was very important retro spirit, which sounds in the story of an extravagant Dr. Fraser, his relatives and friends. And since the sitcom was shown for more than 10 years, fans remembered both the words and the tune firmly, as if they had heard it a thousand times since their childhood!

Meaning of “Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs”

This song, which has been sung at the end of every episode of the sitcom, is addressed to the main character’s real or imaginary girlfriend, whom he simply calls “Babe. He prepares his breakfast, or perhaps his dinner, dressing salads with butter and pouring the crispy frying pan of frosting on the griddle. But even at home in the kitchen, the hero has no peace – his culinary troubles are interrupted by phone calls that make him jump as if he inadvertently touched a hot frying pan. Unknowing callers call again and again, leaving not a moment of peace and making him cry out in despair for God’s mercy, repeating: “Oh God, what am I to do!” The hero is covered in scrambled eggs like a circus clown, he is exhausted, but he cannot find the strength to turn off the phone, feeling that a very important call is about to ring in his abode. However, he laughs and assures them that he has figured out his interlocutors, sees through them and will no longer fall for their tricks and tricks!

Depending on the content of the episode, an appropriate verse is added to the song, maintaining the illusion of presence in the audience and encouraging them to empathize with “Doc Frazier. For example, in the Christmas episodes he congratulates his audience on the long-awaited family holiday, in the final episodes of the season he invites them to hang in there and see each other next year. Thus, the uncomplicated song of the cheerful Frasier contributed to the success of the sitcom, which is remembered and watched with pleasure even years and years later.

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