The meaning of the song «Fishin’ in the dark» by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

The meaning of the song «Fishin’ in the dark» by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band songs

The American group Nitty gritty dirt band has a long history. Because it appeared back in 1966. And it still exists. Naturally, she changed several generations of both performers and audience. But at all times the soloists of the group performed compositions of such directions as rock, country, folk.

It was founded by guitarist and singer Jeff Hannah and drummer Jimmy Faden. Which made up its main backbone and were the unchanged composition of the group. The same cannot be said about other arrangers and soloists. The group exists to this day and has its own website.

It is interesting that in 1976 this group received an invitation with a country style to hold a series of tours and concerts in the big cities of the USSR. This tour proved to be very popular and attended. After all, the total count of people who attended the concerts amounted to 145 million citizens.

There were many world tours of the concert group. So in 1984 they opened the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Naturally, after that, the performers became more recognizable and popular. Because most of the fans began to buy records, cassettes of the group with songs that sounded at the Olympic Games and which were hit at that time.

The history of the appearance of the song Fishin’ in the dark .

This composition was released as the 2nd cue on the 1987 Hold On album. The history of its creation takes place after the usual fishing, which was its creator Wendy Waldman. This happened in the evening, when the river was quiet and calm in semi-twilight. This inspired him to create a song that would capture the beauty of night fishing and its mystique. Indeed, at such a time, the night sky opens, with which you are left alone. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the many stars surrounding you and the silence. Especially this setting is romantic. Because here alone under the starry sky you can discuss everything with your couple and dream. Especially when observing the reflection of endless star systems in the water surface.

All this adds special feelings to your partner, because during this fishing, at night only two people are on the river. Because of what they begin to especially trust each other and their acquaintance becomes even closer. Also, if such fishing is embellished with certain romantic “chips”, then the time spent on this activity will be unforgettable.

The meaning of the song «Fishin’ in the dark» by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

The meaning of the composition is expressed in the love couple thinking about future fishing and planning it. After all, they are going to spend fishing in an unknown place in the river. In order to find out how many fish you can catch there and, accordingly, map the view of the constellations from a given place. Because, according to their assumptions, from this place they can see those stars that are inaccessible to the eye from ordinary fishing spots.

The couple plans to carry out this event at the end of spring, when nature has awakened from its winter sleep and begins to live a new life. What is reflected in the course and special fish living creatures because everything around wakes up. After all, summer is coming and plants are drawn to the sun.

Description of the meaning of the lines of the composition .

The opening lines of the song are words saying that the nature around wakes up and a new life begins. Further, the hero encourages his partner to prepare for fishing, because nature is most conducive to this. From which the moment is approaching when you can get a good catch and watch the night sky full of secrets and excellent beauty.

Then the soloist describes an unfamiliar place, hidden from prying eyes and in a sense secret and unknown. Emphasizing at the same time the special atmosphere of romance present in this place.

After all, being there you can get a good catch and along the way make a map of the constellations from a new angle, a new look. And all this is possible only for the two of them, for people who love each other. Being with each other under the endless starry sky in a special period when the sky will be clear and transparent. You can enjoy the view of a billion stars and solar systems. And to understand how great and beautiful the world really is and what place is reserved for a person in it.

In the next words of the song, there is a decoding of how pleasant and romantic it is to visit such a place. That there is no similar entertainment in the world than night fishing. And rest, and occupation useful and romance. Also, all this is seasoned with the loneliness of two people close to each other. After all, a special degree of trust and closeness awakens here. You can talk and discuss misunderstandings, find out all the secret points and be open and honest with each other. This awakens the ancient great desire for intimacy and a special degree of love and understanding. Where you do not need to hide from prying eyes and you can be yourself and not hide your desires.

The ending of the song says that the sneaker moment comes once a year. And that he is the most beautiful, because all living things are waiting for him all winter and autumn. Because in autumn it becomes clear that cold weather follows and all life freezes for a certain period. And at the end of spring and the beginning of summer, everything blossoms and becomes active, awakens and resurrects.

It is very interesting to observe this from the outside and be present at the whole process. So you understand that life goes on and after any cold comes warmth and awakening. That in fact there is no eternal cold, it was invented by people to oppress themselves. So that a person does not have hope and faith in the best.

Nature has something completely different in mind and nothing can go against it. Even what they try to inspire from the outside cannot change the course of life, as nature has established it. And at such moments, those present at night fishing become especially joyful and happy. After all, they can and are able to see how life awakens and activates.

Secret meaning.

In my opinion, it lies in the fact that a person is often subject to pressure and suggestion from the outside. This is especially observed in cities that are far from nature and vegetation. After all, people do not see and do not realize the wonders of the world around them. Trusting at the same time what acquaintances, friends, bosses or family will say or advise. But in fact, all this information is false because life in nature follows completely different laws!

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