I'm Edu and I'm the face behind the brand. I created Hidden Sense after a lot of experimentation in South East London where I have now settled and handmade all of the products. With an exploring attitude (or a chaotic lifestyle...), I have moved around and traveled quite a lot. This has broadened my horizons and increased my creativity while at the same time, developed the need to create and recreate a sense of home wherever I go.

The warm feeling and fragrance of a candle can be the best aid when creating an intimate sense of home in any space. The different essential oil combinations can also help you set your mood, stimulate your senses and help you relax or concentrate.

Taking care of choosing the best quality ingredients, I always look to create my products in the most environmentally conscious way.

As a new small business I encourage you to explore the range with a wondering attitude and if you get to fall in love with a product or two, spread the word ;)