“The Secret”: meaning and analysis of the book by Rhonda Byrne

“The Secret”: meaning and analysis of the book by Rhonda Byrne Literature

About what is remarkable and why is the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne so popular; about the meaning of the book, the history of its creation, the lessons contained in it; a description of the ending is given.

In 2009 the book Mystery, written by Australian Rhonda Byrne, appeared in bookstores among the literature of Russian authors. The work became an international bestseller. It pleased many readers and helped many of them to realize their dreams.

What the book “The Secret” is about

This is the work of a trilogy by an Australian woman about what she believes is the “law of attraction.” Berne argues that “everything that happens in life people attract to themselves by the power of the images present in their minds. Life is a thought process. No matter what kind of person or where they live, the effect of visualization shapes the experience of life. The law of attraction is brought into the process directly by the people themselves, by their thoughts.” This is essentially a visualization technique. This is the main point of the work.

It contains the secret that defines each person’s life in different hypostases. You can use it to completely transform both the monetary and the personal side of life.

The meaning of the book “The Secret”.

The human brain reproduces and generates a constant stream of thought throughout life. Each individual thinks in images and specific symbols made up of words. It is in this phenomenon that great power is contained. It is in vain that many of today’s people are accustomed to perceive speech as merely an auxiliary tool for maintaining social connections and for navigating the world around us in general. The author suggests that language, speech, and thought should be used for their own benefit.

But it is not abstract words and thoughts that are valuable in themselves. They are only empty symbols. It is the person who has the ability to let certain feelings through: love, hate, fear, joy, despair, etc., fills them. Through the experience of a particular emotion, a person becomes a kind of “receiver,” attuned to transmit the feeling to the world and to attract similar feelings to his life.

The secret of which Berne speaks is the ability to subdue feelings and desires, in the programming of the individual to continue the course set by him. The author claims to have discovered the secret of the success of many great people. But in order to achieve success a person must work:

Provide external favorable conditions for visualization:
Control one’s own inner feelings;
broadcast positive emotions and feelings (love, empathy, kindness, joy) to the world.

The boomerang effect is facilitated precisely by the giving of positive feelings: a benevolent person will gain even more light.

Negative thinking (anger, resentment, rage, envy) must be abandoned. Otherwise, these experiences will be attracted to life.

An intelligent person, endowed with a soul, must be responsible for the feelings he brings to the world, because it affects the overall emotional state of the universe.

An Analysis of the Book of Mystery

The narrative is that whatever is important to you and what you try to visualize eventually comes true. People, situations, things arise in your life that vibrate in unison with the human condition “from within.”

Connect the creative process. This is a specific method by which you can activate everything you have conceived, taking visualization into account. The creative process involves three steps:

A request to the Universe;
belief in what is happening;

It is important to feel joy and enthusiasm in doing so, imagining that you already have it. A positive attitude creates the vibration required to make your dream come true.

The Australian writer likens desire to the Universe ordering from a catalog. It’s as if you flip through it and order what you desire.

The writer recommends that you yourself contribute to the fulfillment of your wish. So, if you dream of having your own car, take a test drive. Need a new apartment? Visit the inspection, already present the viewed apartment as your own living space, as if you already live in it.

By such actions, you are already making the necessary vibrations. The universe is listening to you and the visualization of what you want is accelerating.

History of the creation of the book “The Secret.”

Rhonda Byrne’s book was created, but it was first preceded by the appearance of the movie The Secret.

In 2004, Rhonda went through a difficult time in her life. Her father passed away, Rhonda was working her ass off, but her business was practically ruined, and her relationships with others were permanently damaged. Suddenly, her daughter gave her an antique book, which greatly changed the life of the future writer.

The woman did not allow such a development, that her sadness through the acquired gift will be the start of the great path.

It struck the future writer that not much was known about the law of attraction (visualization). She began looking for people who knew at least something about visualization. They agreed to chat and share wonderful stories of success, healing, prosperity, drawn by the application of this Mystery.

Rhonda collected interesting stories and other information about ways to change her own life. She shared her insights with the masses of readers so that everyone could improve their lives significantly. Then these important insights were made available to readers around the world.

The meaning of the title of the book “The Secret”.

The great mystery of life the writer learned unexpectedly from an old, old book given to her by her daughter Haley. Rhonda began searching for traces of the Mystery in human history and discovered that many of the most famous figures of the past knew it. That’s why the writer called her future work Mystery.

The Problematics of the Book of Mystery

The writer’s entire theory is an indication of the prevalence of individualism and consumerism in the work, which do not do honor to society. Rhonda’s book’s thesis statement clearly convinces readers of the need to be fully absorbed in their “wants”; the form of selfishness promoted in the work leads to the abandonment of any awareness or seriousness.

This means that the book invites readers to stop thinking, to listen to their minds, and to rely entirely on the universe. This is a disturbing phenomenon, especially for intelligent, responsible, cultured, tolerant, progressive human beings.

What The Mystery Book Teaches

Rhonda Byrne’s work Mystery encourages readers to be reverent about their own personal lives, to redirect thoughtforms in the necessary direction. It promises a pleasant future, prosperity, improved health, a wonderful figure, etc. The work encourages positivity, positive emotions, and motivation.

Explanation of the ending of the book “The Secret”

Many readers have said that the book “The Secret” helped them change their lives for the better. These people were able to learn how to set important goals for themselves and achieve them quickly. That’s why the book became a success.

Since antiquity, people have sought to make sense of what was known to be inaccessible to man. Ancient ancient philosophers dreamed of divine nature and creation; medieval mystics and holy fathers sought a universal way of knowing the Almighty, leading them to salvation; in modern times the individual wanted to merge with nature, worshipping its mysteries and beauty, deifying it. The present time does not cease to challenge people and the most important discovery for man today must be the man himself, his emotional sphere, the aspirations and opportunities bestowed upon him from above.

The author took a decisive step in the course of knowledge: Berne shifted the view “from outside” to “from within,” which eventually led to an understanding of the value and power of the human mind and soul. And so put the next step in his intellectual and spiritual growth and took a decisive step toward reconciliation between humans and the mysterious universe.

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