Meaning of the movie “Woman of the Dead (Totenfrau)” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Woman of the Dead (Totenfrau)” and ending explained Films

The Austrian TV series Woman of the Dead (2022) tells the story of the life of Brunnhilde Blum. Prior to specific events, Bloom shone with happiness and enjoyed life, despite her profession.

What is the movie Woman of the Dead about

The plot of the film is multi-layered. The movie is simply shocking. It is about a woman named Brunhilde Blum. She is obsessed with revenge, while at the same time trying to manipulate her family. She also has other personal problems. The film is not aimed at the younger generation, but at the older generation. The setting is beautiful and all the characters play their roles well.

This is a wonderful Austrian revenge film with an intriguing storyline. The journey of Brunhilde Blum, owner of a funeral home, is shown from a quiet, contented wife to a ruthless vigilante. She inherited the business from her parents after their tragic deaths, but the audience only learns what really happened to them in the end of the story. Her quiet rage is palpable with each attempt to track down one by one these people involved in the murder of her dear husband. And the revenge is impressive.

Blum – this key character is referred to only by her last name – realizes that the death of her dearly loved husband is not an accidental event at all. Her husband Mark was a policeman, and it is entirely possible that his death is related to his professional activities.

Brunhilde begins to realize that she hears the dead and is able to talk to them, she jokes darkly in search of the truth and in the process of revenge.

The filmmakers turn Blum into a possessed killer. Obviously, the police don’t have a capable forensic unit. After all, Brunhilde has left a lot of physical evidence in her wake. She gets behind the wheel and parks the photographer’s car with no surveillance cameras anywhere, then kills the guy after allowing him to take spontaneous cheesecake pictures, acting cute and mischievous while doing so.

Her assistant cleans up the entire restaurant after Blum stabs the owner with some kind of drug needle and tells him he only has ten minutes to live. But later he shows up and gets shot in the shoulder. She ties the pastor to a chair and sets him on fire for no reason. She seems to enjoy dismembering the bodies of the murdered.

The cinematography and editing of the film is excellent. The camera movement and angles add to the tension. All of the characters look believable. Some of the details in the funeral home are interesting and the corpses look presentable. The audience has no idea how far things will go. The revenge scenes in the “action” are well thought out: the element of surprise is amazingly strong.

The meaning of the film Woman of the Dead

Moralists may be alarmed by the message of the film because it declares impunity. But in the end everyone is still responsible for their actions.

The idea of the show, Brunhilde is going to go and exterminate all the people who had something to do with her husband’s murder without involving the cops, is silly. She has a cell phone, but the cops don’t use geolocation to track it, but the intruders end up dead?

Her daughter looks strange, starting to act out a lot of things, her son gets kidnapped. The sex slave suddenly turns up dead without explanation.

Brunhilde, by the way, did not ride a motorcycle, but somehow became an accomplished motorcyclist after her husband’s warped but magically repaired motorcycle was returned to her. It’s indescribable.

The protagonist is astounding in her perfect composure, composure and bravery – because she practically had to stand up to a gang of miscreants alone, denounce their crimes and avenge Mark and all the victims that came after.

It would all look grand and cool if it weren’t for one thing! Somehow she crossed the line, which is exactly why there are no more barriers for her. The character turned out to be very ambiguous.

But Blum (played by Anna Maria Muet) still looks sympathetic and compassionate, after all, evil will not go unpunished!

The stunning panoramas and the pleasant musical accompaniment only emphasize the terrible crimes committed in this place.

Woman of the Dead ending explained

The first person Brunhilde Blum avenges because of Mark’s death is the photographer Edwin. The woman insists on seeing him. And then Edwin realizes that the lady before him is not an accidental client, he is going to kill her. But Edwin has no idea who his destiny has brought him to.

Brünnhilde kills his rival. It would seem that she should be tormented with remorse, but this does not happen at all. Blum, having gained experience at a funeral parlor, seeks to hide the body.

She then proceeds to eliminate the priest she has known since she was a child. It becomes clear to the viewer that Brünnhilde is not at all what she appears to be.

The series “Bearing Death” is very good to watch. However, sometimes the main character behaves in a way that only irritates viewers. In trying to get even with the killers of her beloved husband, she inconsiderately forgets that she herself may be killed. And, consequently, her children will be roundly orphaned.

And, of course, everyone is crazy about her: the local restaurateur, her husband’s former friend, etc.

There are some gaps in the story and completely unrealistic situations that make you wonder if Brunhilde Blum, the funeral home owner and avenger for her husband, is not some well-trained secret agent.

Overall, the Austrian series impresses with the level of excellence in the film industry.

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