Meaning of the movie “The Killer” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Killer” and ending explained Films

Many people were waiting for the new film The Hitman because it was created by David Fincher, known for such works as Fight Club. Fincher is known to be good at making imaginative and intense thrillers. In addition, the trailer of the film showed that the movie will be as intense as possible. However, many note that this film left a vivid impression, but some fans of the director’s work may be disappointed.

The title of the film fully reflected the entire plot, that is, the story of a professional killer comes to the fore, and the main role is played by Michael Fassbender. The killer is as cold, calculating, and silent as possible, that is, he is a classic thriller hero. He makes a mistake that leads to global consequences.

The storyline of the film develops rather slowly, which many viewers did not like; there are no twists or psychological dialogues that show the characters from a certain side. Fincher’s films usually have a philosophical focus. However, the hero’s monologues completely set the tone of the film. The main character, the killer, is a true master, a perfectionist, he is able to control actions and thoughts.

The film becomes a certain resemblance to a novella. It is worth noting the rather gloomy and sarcastic voice of the hero, but at the same time it reflects his subtle sense of humor, cynicism, and self-irony to make the film as interesting as possible. The hero himself is laconic and impassive, but the main thing is that the actor himself ideally plays the role of a cold-blooded killer, and also displays some of the nuances of his character. It looks ominous, but at the same time attracts viewers. Many noted the excellent work of the cameramen; Fincher’s special style is visible here, that is, the film reflects a tense atmosphere. The dialogues between the hero and the victims are quite interesting. It looks quite unusual, although they smack of rigidity and emptiness.

Fincher shows the audience different options for waiting. Here you can find scenes of revenge, violence, and the director shows the psychological state of the killer in an interesting way. It is clear that the main character is constantly isolated, he is lonely, this shows the drama of a man whose psyche is completely destroyed. That is, the film centers around the main character, giving the opportunity to study his inner world. This is an opportunity to look at the world as a whole through the eyes of a killer. The viewer can feel everything that this specialist lives by, but at the same time, many note that the film is at times quite boring, there is a lot of voice-over text. It’s not as exciting or interesting as Fight Club, there are too many stilted quotes and the monologue is often repetitive.

The entire film has a very unique tone, both a classic thriller and a drama with a deep sense of humor. There is satire here, but overall the killer resembles an ordinary person. His clothing style, lifestyle, he uses everyday objects. He seems like an ordinary character, but in reality he is a cold-blooded killer with no emotions. There are a lot of moments that go beyond the framework and do not correspond to the main line. There are some inconsistencies, and many people know that the film had a huge budget. If the visual component is made at a high level, then there are not enough action scenes for the viewer’s attention. The characters flash on the screen for a very short time, it is impossible to develop the characters and find out the deep meaning of the film.

Many people are interested in the ending of the film. The main character discovered that two killers had been sent to his home. The hitman heads to Louisiana to defeat his handler, Hodges. If the target is Hodges, but the hero was unsuccessful, his secretary will reveal the identities of the two killers who were sent, as well as the name of the client. The hero then heads to Florida to deal with the cargo and kill the expert. But the expert has a lot in common with the main character, but he also has nothing personal. These two people are completely masters of their profession, they know how a murderer might want to take revenge. The expert’s final request is also aimed at striking a blow to the protagonist.

The killer also does not kill his enemy, he is convinced that Claiborne has no personal enmity, he allows him to live. Many people are confused by this particular ending, that is, the question arises why the main character spared his potential killer. Many people do not understand this plot, but as for the epilogue, the main character is vacationing in the Dominican Republic with Magdala, he is happy with life and admits that he has become one of many.

All that distinguishes him from ordinary people is the twitching of his eyes. If we consider the question of why the killer spared the client and why he resigned, then perhaps he himself was mistaken in his mantra. His monologue included the need to always stick to the plan, not to improvise, but to anticipate, and not to get involved in a fight that is not paid for. But perhaps what made him leave the profession was that his colleague was injured as a result of a mistake. It turns out that his actions are controlled by emotions. After he met with his immediate superior, he began to think that he needed to end his career and live a quieter life.

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