Meaning of the movie “The Idol” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Idol” and ending explained Films

Sam Levinson’s HBO drama Idol is riddled with controversy. Pop star Jocelyn is set to restart her career after suffering a mental breakdown that derailed her last tour. Frustrated by her management’s attitude, at the club she meets Tedros, a disgusting cult leader who is quickly infiltrating her life.

Her life path was confusing, filled with sexual perversions and slightly boring, but Tedros encouraged her to open her own branch of followers, became her de facto producer, and in the previous episode, out of jealousy, had a row with her ex-boyfriend.

In the last episode, episode 5, Jocelyn regains control of her life, because her life takes an unexpected turn.

What is the movie The Idol about

Jocelyn, after the death of her mother and a triumphant return to the stage, intends to release a new single and go on a world tour. But the star’s mental health is broken, and besides, she is not sure that her songs are really good.

The mysterious owner of a modern nightclub, Tedros, takes the girl under his wing. He liberates her in an unusual way: anecdotal scenes from BDSM porn, eye patches, beating with a comb, public body contact. Jocelyn begins to trust Tedros and moves to his cottage with her own team. The task of their tandem is to demonstrate three new compositions to the producers. Then they will be able to go on a world tour and successfully declare themselves.

In each episode of violence against the performer and other inhabitants of the country cottage, the operator shows in detail all the nuances of the plot. The camera finds something interesting and literally savores it all, paying attention to even the slightest screams of the singer.

The serial plot is banal and extremely tightened. Actors often study the void, dressed in beautiful clothes. All actions develop slowly. All the inconsistencies of the characters are not completed clearly, blurred. Viewers have to rely on their own intuition and literally guess what the writers came up with to take on such topics.

The meaning of the film The Idol

The “Idol” had the opportunity to become a truly grandiose author’s creation. But almost the entire series is Tesfaye’s conceited parade and the appearance of some kind of superman behind the back of a stupid and unprotected girl. The storylines are dominated by trivial abuse. Tedros either elevates the performer or cultivates new musical complexes in her.

In almost all scenes, the performer is in her underwear, or even completely naked. Most often this is unreasonable, because other actors, including Tesfaye, are dressed in full usual. There are also violent scenes over Jocelyn. The scene of beating with a hairbrush turned out to be very memorable for the writers. So the “patron” liberates the girl. The abusive moment is not criticized in any way, as these methods spurred Jocelyn to write several hits after numerous bullying. At the end of the film, she is even grateful to the patron for such a harsh “education”.

Tedros is irresponsible and remains the same throughout the storylines. Abel’s character is an untrustworthy rapist. But the main heroin, succumbing to the charm of a man, does not accept advice from others. In the final scene, Jocelyn’s friends are made to look like fools, caricaturedly shouting something in the crowd while The Weeknd stands on stage as the winner.

In each episode of violence against Jocelyn and other inhabitants of her mansion, everything is detailed. Spectators are put in the place of the abuser, making them some kind of accomplices of bullying. They literally stated that Jocelyn is not able to create and exist without the help of a man. As a result, this is confirmed. All her mental problems are included in the marketing, and the singer herself is a little subjective, but desirable without feelings and goals.

Near the end of the series, Jocelyn supposedly frees herself from Tedros’ influence, and releases her new song about the experience of an abusive relationship. During the dance performed by the girl, the audience watches the singer’s lover, who is forcibly taken out of the house by the guards.

Here the plot begins to resemble the story of emancipation. But the apparently illogical ending of the scene of the fifth episode, which causes anger, first of all, from the position of the scenario narrative, brings it down.

To some, the series finale may seem like an attempt to say that it was Jocelyn who was the true abuser. She needed Tedros to create hits, success and create her own team, and then he was removed from the “party”. The guy forever tarnished his reputation and even got into trouble with the law. It’s all the more strange that Jocelyn is taking Tedros back. The authors demonize her image in the eyes of the audience, deprive the girl of her subjectivity.

Movie ending explanation

The show ends with a feud between Jocelyn and Tedros. He orders her something. She gets angry and tells him to “shut the fuck up”, calling him a “fucking scammer” in front of everyone and threatening to turn him in to the cops, but he threatens to take her hostage or kill her.

After allegations of Rob’s rape appearing online, completely fabricated from Tedros’ words, Jocelyn tells Chaim to pay him and kick him out. In the end, he agrees on the condition of a pay rise, but her team, with the help of Thalia from Vanity Fair, completely ruins him. His criminal past is fully revealed.

In addition, Dianna’s successful career is cut short – after blocking the release of World Class Sinners.

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