Meaning of the movie “The Guest” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Guest” and ending explained Films

The entire Peterson family can’t come to terms with a rather heavy loss – Caleb did not return from the war in Afghanistan. One day, an ordinary guy came to them, who introduced himself as David and said that he had to come to them because he promised to do this to Caleb. Moreover, he said that he promised to help them, because such was the will of Caleb, with whom David went through all the horrors of the war together. Caleb’s relatives accepted his friend, but pretty soon after his appearance, people began to die in their district …

What is the movie “The Guest” about?

The Peterson family had not yet had time to recover from a terrible loss: the eldest son fell in the war in Afghanistan, a new surprise awaited them. A peer came to them and said that he served in the army side by side with Caleb, and promised him that he would come to his parents in order to convey his last will. The family of the deceased offered David to stay with them for a while, they really liked the guy and quickly became friends with every member of their family, regardless of age and status. The family members didn’t even check if he was really in the army with their son…

Quite an unusual thriller with a strong tinge of crime and an interesting storyline. After David, for personal reasons, made his way into the heartbroken family, almost immediately began to implement his rather insidious plan. The plot is extraordinary, which shows many different facets of life, so it will be interesting not only for fans of bright action movies and thrillers. It is especially worth noting the director of the film – he was Adam Wingard, who gained popularity primarily thanks to the horror “Skull on Wheels” and “A Terrible Way to Die.” Starring Stevens, who received popular love thanks to the films “Sense and Sensibility” and “Downton Abbey”.

Heartbroken relatives accepted David Collins as their own, not even suspecting what events would come into their lives because of this, because a charming young man, a dangerous enemy and certainly not a friend. But, it will be later… but for starters, David really helped the family. The youngest son, Luke, was tormented in college by high school students, and the former soldier quickly solved the problem in his own way – brute physical force.

After a little time, the friend of their late son, as they thought, became almost a member of their family, but their eldest daughter still accidentally found out the truth, the guy pretends to be the wrong person. And David himself at that time confidently goes to the goal: for a start, he committed the first murder – an arms dealer fell under his arm. The motive is more than understandable – the former military man needed to get a weapon, and he took suspicion to Anna’s friend.

David was not sitting idle, but the circle around him was already beginning to close, because the military police were already looking for him and quickly got to him. When trying to detain him, Collins defended himself desperately, and it just so happened that he won. At the same time, he killed the mother of a soldier who fell in Afghanistan with a knife, and shot his father. And although the military police pursued him further, David managed to kill Anna’s girlfriend and, in order to cover his tracks, blew up the cafe. Also in the courtyard in which he defended himself from the military police, the young man left many dead.

Because of all these events, mortal danger hung over Anna and her brother; at the end of the film, the two of them will have to meet with a particularly dangerous criminal. Collins almost strangled Anna, but Luke saved her, for this he had to kill David. It seems that the nightmare is over, but the last frame changed everything, David was among the firefighters …

The meaning of the film “The Guest”

The meaning of the film is rather ambiguous, if only for the reason that, starting from the beginning of the film and the storyline, the end result is as unexpected and confusing as possible. From the very beginning, the film makes you treat a young charming young man with sympathy, because he survived the war, and then stood up for children when they were offended, found a common language with people of different ages and status, liked women.

Film critics unanimously say that the ending of the film, to put it mildly, did not clarify and did not complete a rather strong plot, romantics say that the second part should appear as a spectacular continuation.

David is quite charismatic, the maximum that can be reproached for, sometimes he behaved too pretentiously, but basically, he did not talk much, but simply, if necessary, heated up the atmosphere with his military, slightly shell-shocked look. A huge plus of the main character and the whole film is his unpredictability, according to the script he has to constantly make decisions quickly in rather difficult, ambiguous situations.

Therefore, the viewer is almost always in constant tension and expectation of what David will do. Another rather strong point of the film is that the very line between good and evil is rather blurred, so the viewer willy-nilly begins to think about which act is good and which is bad.

For a more understandable characterization, we can draw an analogy with the main character of the cult film “Brother”, because Danila and David are similar in terms of a heightened sense of justice, however, there is a huge difference. Bodrov had a very clear goal – to be strong, fair and at the same time live well, some critics will say that Danil did not succeed, maybe so, but that’s another question. As far as David is concerned, quite often his justice doesn’t make much sense.

It is worth noting that the film is not remembered or at least will not be forgotten soon, because the sound and light are at a critically good level, if we draw an analogy with the presentation itself, that is, there is a similarity with The Place Beyond the Pines and Drive, but the truth is rather small. Fans of this genre will definitely be pleased that films in this style are still being made, because they are not stamped and without fail have a strong idea, but it can not always be worked out at 100%.

Explanation of the ending of the film “The Guest”

The last minutes, as expected by the genre, were as intense as possible and took place in the school hall, the fact that he was prepared for Halloween added brightness to the finale. Everything was pretty gloomy, from unlit corridors to bright spotlights and silver tinsel. Visually, everything is clean and even calm, but there is too much blood, the picture summed up perfectly, because the whole film can be compared with these scenery, and even Halloween.

As for the events themselves: Anna hid Luke and told her to wait or her or the police. David was looking for Luke, but found Anna, who shot him, then Anna herself came up to make sure that he was dead, but David was alive and hit her on the leg with a knife, the girl fell, and David began to choke her. Luke arrived in time and stabbed him several times in the back, in the last seconds David said that he had done everything right. Further, events developed as quickly as possible, and suddenly a strong fire started, firefighters and law enforcement officers quickly arrived at the scene and put out the fire. It was not possible to save two people, and therefore the firefighters removed two corpses, the girl thought that one of them was David, but as it turned out, she was mistaken.

And it seemed that the finale was over, the nightmare was over, the fire was extinguished, the girl and her brother were guarded by the police and firefighters, and then Anna saw David in one of the firefighters with horror … We can say only one thing for sure, the ending of the film did not complete, but gave rise to a lot of questions.

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