Meaning of the movie “The Gift” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Gift” and ending explained Films

Simon and Robin live a measured family life. But a former classmate of her husband, Gordo Moseley, suddenly appears on the threshold of their house. He intends to make his own adjustments to this idyll.

The directorial debut of the famous actor, who has played about 50 roles in various films, Joel Edgerton. In addition to acting as a screenwriter and one of the main performers. It is worth noting the professionalism of the operator (Eduard Grau) and sound accompaniment in the competent construction of an atmosphere that evokes a range of feelings in the viewer.


The Cullem family recently moved to a new country house from the metropolis. He’s a sales rep, she’s a home designer. By chance, an old acquaintance from school times bursts into their life. Things go well at first, but then Simon (Jason Bateman) becomes suspicious and demands that Gordo disappear. From this moment the troubles begin.

Previously donated fish die in the aquarium, a strange story happens with the dog. It turns out that due to low discipline, Moseley was suspended from service and expelled from the army. He sends the hostess a note in which he offers to reconcile. But she gets rejected by her husband. Robin begins to feel closely watched, after disturbing nights and drugs, she discovers that she is pregnant.

Trying to understand what happened then, she questions Simon’s sister and his old friend. Shocking details emerge. The husband mocked Gordo all his school years, breaking his subsequent life. She makes an attempt to try them on, but to no avail. The situation is getting worse.

Simon, on the occasion of the promotion, throws a house party. Suddenly, his colleague from the office arrives. In the presence of guests, he accuses Simon of his dismissal and intrigue, which helped him take this high place. From the excitement experienced, Robin begins premature birth.

Gordo with a bouquet of flowers appears in the ward and convinces her of her husband’s mental inadequacy. Next comes the culprit of the events and demands to show the child, he has doubts about paternity. His wife, completely disappointed in him, refuses to do so. Simon walks down the hallway, his marriage is broken, his favorite job is gone, emptiness and despair consume him.

Moseley is watching closely and thoughtfully. He fulfilled his plan, showing everyone the true face of his enemy.

The meaning of the film

The creator of the picture is trying to convey to the masses of the audience about the inevitability of the “boomerang effect”. If a person committed impartial acts, he was aware and did not seek to change, hiding from what he had done. He must be ready for a shadow from the past to appear on his doorstep.

Hero characteristics

Charming and convincing, Rebecca Hall perfectly embodied the image of a doubting woman. Her heroine, Robin, is at the center of the struggle between two men, trying to remain herself, not unambiguously taking sides.

Etgerton skillfully embodied the role of a shadow from the past. Not a clear villain. It artificially accelerates natural processes, becoming a catalyst. Thus, demonstrating the inevitability of repeating the echoes of past events in the near future.

Starting the storyline as a loving family man, Simon turns into the main negative character during the film. He does not change, but simply hides his essence from others. One day, all this may spill out on loved ones.


The skill of the author and director of the film lies in the ability to do the job, to select suitable employees. Competently set tasks, and achieve the implementation of their decisions. Joel Edgerton did an excellent job with this and there is no doubt that he mastered this facet of the craft well.

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