Meaning of the movie “Shut In” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Shut In” and ending explained Films

The film Shut In tells about the complex relationship between mother and daughter, but this is only at first glance, what lies on the surface. In fact, this film caused a mixed reaction, both from critics and viewers. It really addictive, as soon as an ambiguous situation begins to surface.

Plot of the film Shut In

The main character gives birth to a premature girl, and only at 25 weeks, very often such children, if they survive, then they have many neurological problems. It is logical that premature babies develop worse in the future, become disabled, and even in adulthood they differ from ordinary people. However, everyone knows that in ordinary life, premature babies should be treated regularly, they undergo massage courses, rehabilitation courses. However, they can continue to live as ordinary people.

The main character Diana does not do this, she believes that her daughter Chloe is a real disabled person, and does not want to reckon with the fact that she has grown up, that she may have her own desires, that she knows how to serve herself. At the beginning of the film, we are shown how a caring mother did everything necessary for her disabled child. She diligently treats her daughter, gives her injections.

If you watch the movie at the beginning, it is not really clear what is wrong with it. We are told an almost touching story about the relationship between mother and daughter, she takes care of her all her life and does everything to make the child comfortable. In the end, we come to the conclusion that the girl is completely healthy, that the mother simply has Munchausen’s syndrome.

This problem has already been raised in films more than once, and a separate film was made under this theory. The story initially does not raise any questions, but there are some inconsistencies in the film that caused incomprehensible feelings for many from the very beginning. Many from the very beginning realized that the plot of the film is completely different, that the mother is not as caring as she really seems, that she has some problems.

It is known that mothers with a special mental disorder deliberately invent injuries and illnesses for their children, they endlessly visit hospitals, clinics, turn to doctors, they ask that the child be constantly treated, while doing this very aggressively.

The meaning of the film Shut In

Specialists should understand that the child has something serious if the mother is so worried, but in fact, many doctors do not find any problems, but mothers do not stand aside. They are looking for new doctors, hospitals, they specifically prescribe a number of procedures, that is, they treat the child completely, not paying attention to the fact that he is actually healthy. However, the main character manages to deceive the doctors for a very long time, they do not know that the girl actually has no diseases. Some mothers do this in order to receive certain donations, payments. There is a film in which a mother passed off her daughter as mentally retarded. She treated her cancer, diabetes, she did not work, she lived on donations. The daughter was completely exhausted, and she asked her Internet friend to just kill her mother. The daughter was also given a prison term.

If we ask ourselves why women do this, that is, to reveal the meaning of the film, then we are shown that in fact the mother wants to maintain influence over the child, because when she feels needed, she receives popularity, approval, compassion. She has a constant need to protect someone, she prefers that the child is always there, so that he is defenseless. Such a mother always takes care of the child, but in this way heals the child to death. Diana invented her own world, she shows herself as the best mother in the world. She faithfully takes care of her seriously ill daughter, but it is Chloe, who is an inquisitive girl, who grows up, she has a desire for change, and then she learns the whole truth.

Shut In Ending explanation

Such mothers want the child to remain small and defenseless for life, so that he needs help, so they often come up with illnesses for them and begin to treat them. They inspire the child that he is sick to everyone around him, this is the meaning of the film. We are shown that the mother actually comes up with different ways to treat her daughter in order to keep her locked up all the time. It is important that she does not leave, but as the girl began to grow up, she began to understand that something was wrong with her and wanted to leave home.

There are also incomprehensible moments in the film, a child with a childhood disability is a whole series of procedures, this is a constant planned examination, a hospital, tests, but in the film we are shown that the mother received dangerous complex medicines without any problems. In fact, they are not simply assigned. Many believe that as a result, the daughter became the same monster as her mother, but in fact she just wanted revenge. So now the mother is in her place. She is truly helpless, paralyzed, dependent on everyone. Many do not like it, but at the same time no one asks her, because she did not ask her healthy girl, who did not want to be disabled. In fact, the girl fulfilled her dream, she studied at the university, became a doctor of rehabilitation, she found her parents, got married, and her mother simply deserved it, because she simply mocked the child for her own desires.

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