Meaning of the movie “Killing Eve” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Killing Eve” and ending explained Films

After watching the movie, do you have more questions than answers? Let me help you find the hidden meaning behind Killing Eve and also explain what the movie’s ending means.

Killing Eve is a series that shocked viewers in many ways, especially its ending. This is a story about a special services agent Eve and a killer Villanelle. The project became a special occasion for discussion even before its release, because the BBC management immediately announced the release of the second season, when the first season had not yet aired. However, their expectations were justified, the series from episode to episode added to its audience. From the fourth series, he bypassed many of the series of this season.

What is Killing Eve about?

The series Killing Eve is included in the top best known print media. The plot is the confrontation between a spy agent and a professional killer. Both roles are played by girls, and this is a big plus for the series, because it is precisely two female characters that come out on top.

However, in this area, ladies rarely get leading roles, there are two sides, that is, she is an employee of the office of the British special services, but she is not at all a spy character, she is a typical woman, lives with her husband in London, until a series of murders of politicians is found in European countries.

Eva, who is tired of the routine, accepts the challenge and decides to escape from a boring life. She builds a version that all these crimes are one, that the killer is necessarily a woman. In Mi-6, no one perceived her, so she secretly conducts an investigation of her own free will.

This later leads to her being fired, but she is also recruited into the Secret Service. Eva is the antipode of James Bond, who personifies the work of secret agents. She has no special training, she acts on intuition, facing the standard problems of a spy.

Sometimes she backs up if she needs to shoot her gun, she doesn’t know how to fight the enemy. She prefers clothes from the mass market, does not do hair, she is awkward, awkward, but at the same time she has detective skills, a great sense of humor. Many immediately went over to her side, as she evokes empathy, resembles an ordinary person.

On the other side, Oksana Vorontsova is Villanelle, the most unscrupulous killer. She is a sociopath who chooses only branded clothes and takes real pleasure in killing famous politicians on the streets. To achieve her goal, she uses stereotypes in order to use her weapons, most people do not suspect that a pretty blonde will be able to pierce her eye according to the order.

At the same time, this character also cannot be hated, she is beautiful, she has a special charisma, she does not have a sense of fear, cheerful, a little infantile, unusual. She changes clothes very quickly, takes on different images. This is an interesting character who is both bad and interesting at the same time.

The relationship between the heroines is like a cat and mouse, but they really don’t want to catch each other, because they enjoy the process itself. Several times there was a chance to complete this fight, but they allowed everyone to stay alive. They are both cats, only Eva is domestic, Villanelle is wilder.

The meaning of the series “Killing Eve”

Interestingly, all the episodes are based on a novel invented by a man, but the script was entrusted to be processed by a girl at the BBC, who had already become famous for the TV series Fleabag. There are a lot of women in this series, and in many respects this is the merit of a well-thought-out script, she competently remade the story, and as a result, an unusual picture was formed. Here, the genres of a detective story about spies and a thriller plot are combined.

However, the meaning of the series is that the characters are not minions of fate, they have typical female weaknesses and problems. They are more believable than real spy shows.

The main plus is that the picture is not completely serious, it is funny, jokes are always relevant here, in the most terrible moments the situation turns out to be funny. The soundtrack is also well chosen here, creating a special mood and helping to create the right atmosphere. However, some felt that the series is oversaturated with women, that the lesbian theme is completely the main thing here.

Killing Eve season 4 ending explained

Why Helen Hunted The Twelve

Helen tortured colleagues from the Twelve in order to get on the trail of the leader – probably intending to kill him. The heroine wanted to take the place of the leader or leave the organization safely for herself and her daughter.

How Helen’s death was hidden from The Twelve and why Eva and Villanelle easily approached them

Eva and Villanelle used data coming into Helen’s phone to sneak into the meeting of the Twelve. The members of the organization did not know that Villanelle killed Helen, and this is strange – a lot of time has passed since her death. Villanelle easily found the Twelve on the steamer and killed the participants.

Eva and Villanelle got rid of powerful enemies. However, an unknown killer killed Villanelle, leaving Eva alone to suffer the loss of her beloved. Villanelle died in the water, so a bloody cloud formed over her: she was freed from the “Twelve” and, like an angel on wings, left the world.

The operation was led by Carolyn, who ordered the mercenary to kill Villanelle. It is obvious that Carolyn tried to hide the fact of Helen’s death from the Twelve, and at the same time helped Eve and Villanelle get on the ship without hindrance.

Maybe Carolyn has her own organization, or she’s taken over the Twelve. Most likely, everything is even simpler: the operation was Carolyn’s ticket back to MI6. Carolyn and Pam in the eighth episode were talking in front of the headquarters of MI6 by the Thames, later in the river and killed Villanelle.

Why did Villanelle ask Eva to divert attention

Before the massacre of the “Twelve” Villanelle asked Eve to divert the attention of civilians on the ship. Villanelle liked how cruel and cold-blooded Eva had become. At the same time, she wanted to protect her beloved from the horrors of the criminal world. In fact, she didn’t need Eve to distract at all. Villanelle simply didn’t let Eva cross another line and fought the Twelve herself.

Why Pam refused to work for Carolyn

As Konstantin noted, Pam is the only one of all the killers who can choose what to do in life. And yet the girl commits murders, which makes her part of the world of mercenaries. Pam, with a heavy heart, fulfills Helen’s order – she kills Konstantin. Before dying, Constantine explains that Helen is dead, and Pam regrets what she did.

Constantine’s guidance and kindness convinced Pam that she shouldn’t work for The Twelve and similar organizations. Carolyn offered to cooperate with her, but the girl refused. Pam decides to start life from scratch. The girl is free from obligations to the “Twelve”.

Pam’s refusal to work for Carolyn suggests that Carolyn is not really from the Twelve – she works for MI6. Otherwise, Pam would not have been able to refuse her. And now Pam can safely reunite with her lover and find a job in a funeral home or a cafe that serves meat. Or maybe after what happened, Pam will not be able to leave the world of crime and become a private mercenary.

So who killed Kenny?

In season 4, the person responsible for Kenny’s death was never revealed. Shortly before the battle on the steamer, Eve told Carolyn that she probably knew Kenny’s killer – she just wanted to continue some kind of game. Carolyn, under the motive of seeking retribution, hid the true plan – to get to the top of the Twelve.

Carolyn feels guilty about Kenny’s death: she played too dangerous games, into which she also dragged her son. Most likely, Carolyn knew that the customer was one of the members of the Twelve at the meeting. With the liquidation of the Twelve, she killed two birds with one stone: she eliminated the criminal organization and took revenge.

There is a plausible theory that Kenny, during a tense conversation with Constantine in season 3, accidentally fell off the roof when he found out that “The Twelve” could kill him. Carolyn must have guessed that Kenny’s death was a tragic accident.

What happens after “Killing Eve”

Eve, after the events of the Killing Eve ending, will realize that someone has been manipulating her and Villanelle. She would probably investigate, maybe even try to find out who was above the Twelve – or find out that someone from the organization was alive. And if the killer is Villanelle from MI6, then Eve will quickly reveal this. And Eva will get to Carolyn, because she considers her a major puppeteer in international espionage.

Some modern series received continuations in the form of films. This could happen with Killing Eve as well. The potential sequel should show a tense confrontation between Eve and Carolyn, as well as a full clarification of the circumstances of Kenny’s death. In the sequel, Eve might hook up with Pam, who Carolyn might try to recruit. The Killing Eve sequel should tell if The Twelve is really gone. Maybe the one Helen was hunting is still alive?

Even before the premiere of the ending, Killing Eve launched a spin-off about Carolyn’s past . Perhaps the series will reveal more details about how powerful the heroine is in the world of espionage and what kind of connections she has in the intelligence services of different countries.

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