Meaning of the movie “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” and ending explained Films

The sixth season of JoJo is a continuation of the confrontation between the followers of Dio and the Joestar family. Unlike other arcs, it puts an end to the confrontation between two forces. The storyline of the “Stone Ocean” turned out to be rich and multifaceted, in the review itself there will be spoilers and explanations of the ending. The film adaptation proved to be quite good, it has a traditional anime sound design and exciting fights between the characters.

Story line

Let’s briefly touch on the main points of the anime. All events take place in 2011 in Florida.

car accident

Jolene Cujo sits in the passenger seat of the car, driven by her boyfriend Romeo Gisso, who accidentally hits a man to death. In order not to go to prison, the young man offers his passion to get rid of the corpse, to which she agrees. This turns out to be a trap, and the heroine quickly becomes the prime suspect in the murder.

Investigation and trial

Jolene’s lawyer gives the girl things inherited from her parents, among them there is a pendant received from her father. Kujo accidentally cuts his finger on him, which will play a role further.

While being transported to the Green Dolphin prison, she meets Ermes Costello, her future partner. Around the same time, the girl learns that she can release threads from her body, allowing her to hear and attack enemies from afar. The skill soon comes in handy – several guards harass Ermes, but the heroine saves her friend.

In parallel with these events, an investigation is underway. The lawyer insists on a frank confession, arguing that this way the term will be much softer. Jolene agrees, but this turns out to be a trap: the court sentences the girl to 15 years in prison. New circumstances are revealed: the downed pedestrian was alive when she was disposed of, and the lawyer was bought by the Jisso family.

Revenge and new environment

Jolyne uses her threads to get revenge on a lawyer. In prison, Gwess, a lover of mocking others, becomes a cellmate of the heroine. Her Stand is able to reduce any target at a certain distance to a tiny size. However, if you move out of range, the effect will be removed. Gwess forces the cellmate to help her escape, but the idea fails, a fight begins. During the fight, Jolyne’s Stand awakens and she fights back against the offender. After that, the girls are forced to get along. Kujo is getting used to a new place.

A mysterious stranger

The main character stumbles upon a boy dressed as a baseball player. He warns her that a visitor will soon come to Jolene, whom you should not go to meet, because this promises problems. The weird kid gives the protagonist a small bone needed for self-defense. Jolyne, however, disregards the advice and decides to meet the stranger.

Conversation with father

The visitor is Jolyne’s father, Jotaro Kujo. He arrived on a serious matter and said that Jongalli Hey, the man who had set up the accident, was in prison. The purpose of the villain is to take revenge on Jotaro for the death of DIO. The father left everything and arrived at the prison to help his daughter escape, but she refuses, because she is angry with her parent for which he almost did not participate in her life.

Eya’s stand

Jongally Hey is a blind sniper who can control the airflow with his Stand. He has a camouflaged sniper rifle that he fires a couple of shots in hopes of killing the Cujo family. After exchanging multi-moves, the stand switches to the baseball boy. The father offers to run away to the girl, but she decides to save the child and succeeds.

It was a dream

It turns out that it was all a dream. Jolene wakes her father up and together they get out of the room and run towards the beach, where the Speedwagon’s foundation submarine is waiting for them. They are interrupted by Hey, dressed in the uniform of a security guard. But another Stand enters the fight, turning Jotaro’s memory and Stand into disks and stealing them. Jolyne’s father falls into a coma, the girl herself realizes how important she was to her dad, and Aya wins. Employees of the Speedwagon Foundation take the father away, and the protagonist returns to prison, where he receives an additional five years for trying to escape, and is also moved to a punishment cell.

Cache with discs

The storyline switches to Ermes, who also gained power from the pendant and learned about the discs. She begins to cooperate with Jolene and soon the girls find a cache of disks on a certain farm, where they got when they were in the search party. The place is guarded by a creature that is both a stand and a person at the same time. Jolyne manages to get Jotaro’s Stand Disk and a new ally called the Foo Fighters (that Stand creature). For conservation, FF moves into the body of a dead girl named Atro.

Speedwagon Foundation

After all the events, Enrico Pucci, the main antagonist and successor of Dio’s affairs, ends up on the farm, who wants to get himself disks. Jolyne manages to get hold of the money, which she uses to call the Speedwagon Foundation. The man from the foundation says that the girl needs to come to the prison yard, where the disk will be taken by a trusted person. But before that, the heroine meets Weather, a character who can control the weather. The new accomplice says that they are being pursued by Lang Wrangler, another follower of Dio. With his Stand, he makes Jolyne weightless, but Weather uses atmospheric pressure, thereby limiting Lang’s abilities.


The couple starts chasing the kidnapper, all three end up in the main shop. The Wrangler puts Jolene and Weather in a vacuum and also manages to shoot them down. Weather partially neutralizes the opponent’s ability, a new stage of the battle begins, at the end of which Jolyne gets to call the guard.

The appearance of Pucci

Instead of a guard, Pucci appears, who wants to get the knowledge about Dio’s diary stored on Jotaro’s memory disk. Jolene herself is shot by a security guard who is trying to take the disc away. To save his partner, Weather causes a rain of poisonous frogs, killing the enemy. Jolyne and Pucci are saved. After the rain stops, Enrico’s stand attempts to reach the disk, but Jolene passes it to the Speedwagon foundation carrier pigeon with threads.

DIO’s Animated Bone

The character Sports Makks befriended Ernesto Pucci and got his own stand, which allows him to control the dead. He also revived Dio’s bone, but soon became the victim of an attack by several of the main characters, after which he lost.

Finding a bone

Jolene learns about the resurrected bone and is going to find it, Narcisso Anasui will help her in this – another ally, driven by love feelings for FF Pucci, however, is not going to give up and sends four opponents with stands to intercept at once. A battle begins, in which FF comes to the aid of the girl. After a series of multi-moves, all opponents are defeated, and the bone is obtained.

green baby

The bone turns into a green baby that the heroes must capture. Here they are again pursued, so the group decides to split up. Jolyne and Anasui retreat, while Ernes is left to fight the pursuer, and soon finds out that Pucci has a Disk Stealing Stand.

tracking down a child

Jolyne and Anasui chase after the baby, but his Stand can shrink anything that gets close to the owner. Another battle ensues, at the end of which the child takes an interest in Jolyne due to her star-shaped birthmark.

Death F. and memory disk

FF fights Enrico and is on the brink of death, but is rescued by Weather, helping the girl escape. The team reunites and learns that Pucci is the owner of the Whitesnake stand, who is stealing the discs. At the meeting, Weather is revealed to be Whitesnake in disguise, which severely injures FF and Anasuya. Pucci arrives and starts fighting Jolyne, but loses. Ernes inserts Jotaro’s memory disc into Anasui’s head, ending the fight. Pucci, meanwhile, dissolves into a spliced ​​baby. FF Heals Anasuya’s wounds, saves the disc, says goodbye to his girlfriend and dies.

New phase of Pucci’s plan and jailbreak

Pucci merged with the green child and left the prison. He plans to recreate the plan to reach the paradise Dio had previously conceived. Jolene finds out about this and tries to stop him, with the help of baseball boy Emporio. The couple, however, are thwarted by the head of the prison guard, who is able to manipulate memory and makes them forget themselves.

The boss even tries to shoot the boy, but her attempt to stop the escape remains in vain. Jolyne, Ermes, Emporio, Anasui and Weser escape from prison and try to thwart Pucci. Enrico, however, finds several legally untrustworthy individuals who also start using Stands.


While chasing Pucci, Anasui and Weather ask an unknown old man to give them a ride in a car. Sitting in the cabin, the heroes begin to see fairy-tale characters like Pinocchio, Snow White and even gnomes. The radio plays in the car, which says that such cases have become more frequent. At the same time, Anasui realizes that his soul and that of the driver have separated from their bodies. The reason for this was sympathy for fictional characters. Weather has received amnesia, so the effect does not work on him. Anasui, meanwhile, deals with Pinocchio. Later, he sees that the old man turns into a huge wolf, so he decapitates a potential enemy


The werewolf declares that his story is over and Anasui sees his body leaving with Weather. The very soul of Narcisso is trying to get to his partner. Along the way, he notices that more and more human souls are being separated from their bodies. And all of them, at the same time, must live the lives of fairy-tale characters. Anasui himself becomes the wolves from The Wolf and the Seven Kids. But the tale is a darker version of the original, so Nircisso is forced to flee from the goat with the scissors.

Weser is separated from the body by Van Gogh’s self-portrait, and tries to get him to shoot himself twice in the head. This is not the only problem, because it turns out that the owner of the booth flew from Florida on a plane. It turned out to be an unreliable man, whose name is Ungalo. He and several teenagers have been DIO’s illegitimate sons all this time, and were on Pucci’s assignment. The trio were required to stop Jolyne and the others.

However, Weather manages to defeat the Stand itself, which comes as a surprise to Ungalo.

Repentance and pursuit

Jolene stops by the house of Romeo, the ex-boyfriend who bribed the judge. The girl asks to borrow money and a personal helicopter. Jolyne, Ernes, and Emporio chase the Stand owner, but are wrecked by the attack of Rikiel’s next child – Dio’s next child, who can control strange entities called “rods”. They are able to absorb body heat and cause disease.

Another adversary

Rikiel was not without cunning, he skillfully used the knowledge of anatomy and the self-confidence of his enemies. Jolene learns valuable information from him: Weather is Pucci’s younger brother. After a short conversation, Ernes knocks out the enemy.

Meeting with the last son of Dio

Pucci and Dio’s offspring Donatello Versus are in an Orlando hospital. Jolyne instructs Emporio to contact the Speedwagon Foundation and deliver a disk containing their father’s memories to them while she and Ermes fight Pucci. Donatello is able to materialize what happened in Florida earlier. He places Jolyne and Ernes on a plane that is about to crash.

As Pucci and Donatello clash, the latter secretly steals Weser’s memory disk. Empurio comes to the aid of the heroines, who tells how to solve the current event. After several multi-moves, Versus realizes that he is trapped, therefore, with the help of a Stand, he transfers his memories to Weser.

Weser remembers the past

Weser’s amnesia passes, he remembers that he is Pucci’s little brother. Pucci himself and Donatello run away from the hospital. Jolyne and Ernes try to track down Versus, who in turn wants to beat Empirio and get Jotaro’s memory disk.

Fury of Weather

Due to overwhelmed emotions, Weather is unable to control his Stand, which is released and turns several of the townspeople into snails. A motive for revenge also appears in Weser’s flashback. The hero asks Anasui to kill him after he takes revenge on Pucci. Suddenly, a priest will attack the couple. Weather is left without legs, and Anasui turns into a rainbow. After a small clash, Pucci finishes off Weser with Versus and escapes.


Jolyne manages to pick up the disk with her father’s memories and send it to the Speedwagon fund. During the trip to the Kennedy Space Center, gravity begins to change, it turns out that these are the antics of Pucci’s evolved Stand, now called C-Moon. He became stronger by merging with the green child. Ernes knocks down a piece of debris, the rest get to the center.

Everything is coming to an end

Pucci fights not only with Jolyne, but also with Anasui, Jotaro and Ermes come to the aid of the couple. The final battle ensues, where Pucci manages to avoid a fatal blow. According to Dio’s plan, Enrico finds a place where his Stand will evolve into the final stage – Made in Heaven.


Made in Heaven speeds up time, even Jotaro’s ability to stop it can’t counter it. The team climbs onto the roof and looks for a way to counter the enemy. During the battle, Jotaro and Ermes are killed, while Jolyne is left injured. Empirio remains Pucci’s only rival. Jolyne helps the guy escape by sacrificing herself.

Time accelerates so much that it creates a new universe. Empirio finds himself in the moment when Jolene goes to meet Jotaro. Pucci appears, explaining that everyone in this world subconsciously knows their fate. Those who died in the past universe will never return.

The final

Pucci’s main plan was the embodiment of the heavenly plan, invented by Dio. Its essence lies in the creation of a universe where everyone would know their fate. And on this day, they hit because Empirio wants to kill the boy. The “baseball player” tricks the antigonist into inserting a Weather Stand into himself, after which Pucci speeds up time again. Thanks to the acquired ability to control the weather, Empirio causes oxygen starvation in the enemy, which, multiplied by acceleration, demoralizes the enemy

Before his death, Pucci declares that the world will follow the path of justice, after which the Stand finishes him off.

The world reboots again, Empirio appears at the gas station. There he meets Eldis, a hitchhiker, and a couple named Irene and Anakis. Irene suggests taking Emporio and Aldis with them. And later, the guys pick up another character, suspiciously similar to Weather Report.

Ending explanation

The death of key characters and their replacement with new people can be bewildering, while the very principle of the rebirth of the Universe is incomprehensible. Let’s take a look at the most important questions

How is the world reset?

Pucci’s Stand has the ability to speed up time catastrophically fast. Because of this, the Universe goes through the stages of its existence, and then returns to a state of singularity. The owner of Made in heaven is able to change the picture of the future in accordance with his understanding, while he may not live by the laws imposed on the rest of the world.

Why did Emporio stay in the new universe, while the other heroes disappeared?

This is due to the fact that the baseball boy survived. After Pucci’s death, he remains the only one who remembers what happened.

Do the reincarnations of heroes have anything in common with those who were in the past world

The life of the inhabitants has not changed much, except for the acceptance of the new properties of the universe. With old heroes, everything is more complicated: if souls travel from Universe to Universe, then these are genuine reincarnations of all deceased characters. But if they also disappeared, then the new heroes have similar memories with the “originals”, but the question of any connection remains open.

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