Meaning of the movie “Jeanne du Barry” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Jeanne du Barry” and ending explained Films

Recently, the film Jeanne du Barry, starring Johnny Depp, was released. Many dreamed of seeing a film adaptation of this year, but it turned out that there was disappointment, because the film is too powdered and chaste, it does not correspond to those times. This is a drama about the favorite of King Louis 15, but the main reason why he opened the film festival is the main role of Johnny Depp, who starred in the film for the first time in 3 years.

Film Jeanne du Barry

After the premiere took place in Cannes, the picture was not accepted, criticized, but at the same time, many viewers liked this picture. The plot of the film is that in the middle of the 18th century the girl Jeanne was born in the family of a cook, her destiny was determined by fate, but she decided that she would not live and die in poverty. The girl was pretty, smart, besides, she was patronized by the owner of the estate. She taught her to read and gave her an education.

She managed to find patrons due to the fact that she is pretty, finds a language with different people. Her main goal is to become the favorite of the king, and she quite succeeded in this. She is a well-known historical figure, she is known not only because she got out of poverty into the close faces of the king, but because she had a tragic end. Despite the fact that she was of noble birth, during the French Revolution she was executed for being in connection with the monarchy. Many believe that today she can be called a real self-made, because she has reached such heights precisely because of her beauty and erudition. This is how it is shown in the film, that is, she reads a lot, thinks in a modern way, she tries to break traditions and customs. She dares to wear a man’s dress, but most importantly, she always remains truly charming.

The Meaning of Jeanne du Barry

The film is not focused on the general political situation, but on the development of Jeanne’s personality, about how she lived at court, was in a relationship with the king, how it all happened. Many appreciated that this is a costume film, here is a Hollywood scale, you will see gold, stucco, velvet, feathers. The main personality that attracts many is Johnny Depp.

But many viewers were disappointed, as many expected something frank from the film, because it is known that Jeanne’s activities resembled a courtesan, there are no explicit scenes here, no one undresses here. The audience will not be bored, because there is not a very long running time, in essence it is a biographical drama, a lot of metaphors, a voice-over, that is, in fact, this is a good film. However, there is nothing supernatural in it, it cannot be called scandalous, and, perhaps, some sensual moments are missing here.

Critics lack historical accuracy, which is what they find fault with, even the outfits and hairstyles. In reality, Dubarry was blonde, and her eyes were aquamarine, before she met Dubarry, she was already in abundance, because she knew how to charm any man, even without intimacy.

Explanation of Jeanne du Barry ending

Many found inconsistencies, she often styled her hair like romantic curls. There are a few more questions regarding the display of historical data, costumes, and some traditions. Perhaps the director did not have enough advice from experienced historians, perhaps he sees this time in such a way, and allows himself to move away from reliable facts in favor of the brilliance of the picture on the screen. In fact, many people dream of seeing a beautiful film, and not getting an education at the expense of a feature film. The ending of the film tells the tragic fate of a woman who initially received condemnation in her time and who was punished for getting close to the monarchs.

However, the main point of the film is that we were shown a woman who achieved everything herself, and even in those days it was real. It was a chance for a girl from poverty to get into high society, but it was necessary to show skill. It is not enough just to be beautiful, you need to properly dispose of your beauty, your charm. It is a whole science to charm a man with the mind, without turning into a real courtesan, and having achieved from him what the heroine wanted, that is, to get to the very top, to become the king’s favorite. It is very difficult, it is not given to every, even an educated woman.

She had to study many sciences, read many books in order to fit into society, she was not just the king’s mistress, she knew how to maintain small talk, she gave odds to noble ladies. Jeanne du Barry was born at the bottom of the social steps, but she did not stay at the very bottom, because most often courtesans are women of the lowest rank, who simply entertain wealthy men, providing them with sex. However, the director restrainedly shows a woman who skillfully disposed of what nature gave, she was able to charm every man and achieve the maximum for herself. The only thing is that it did not bring her happiness. Perhaps, having remained just a cook, she would have lived a longer life, but less colorful. She would never have gone down in history if she had been an ordinary cook.

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