Meaning of the movie “Incarnation” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Incarnation” and ending explained Films

In 2022, the premiere of the film “The Call” thundered on the TV screens of the world and, of course, on the entire Internet. At the moment, the film is available on all digital platforms, so that everyone can watch it. The duration of the film “The Call” is about an hour and a half. The American film “The Call” brought together several famous Hollywood movie stars, as well as actors and actresses just starting their careers. Filmed in the USA, in the thriller genre, screenwriters Tyler Clair Smith, Isaac Walsh and director Isaac Walsh. Unfortunately, in Russia and in the CIS countries, this film did not make a big splash, many still do not even know about its existence.

The Meaning of Incarnation 2022 Movie

The film tells the viewer the story of the spouses moving to a new, very strange house. Of course, at first, both husband Brad, whose role was played by actor Tay Diggs, and wife Jess, whose character was played by Jessica Uberuaga, their new family nest seems quite cozy and sweet. Jess even dreams of planting a large and beautiful garden on the territory of the house. At the time of the move, young people meet with the owner of the house, who for some reason, without warning them, came to see the new tenants. After that, the couple begins to have some doubts about the honesty of Mr. Peter, played by Michael Madsen. After all, he asked the spouses not to go to the second floor to one of several rooms, under the pretext that the door did not work there, and they would not be able to go inside the room.

However, already at night, Brad begins to hear eerie sounds coming to him from above, namely from a closed room. As soon as the man approached her door, it opened. Anyone in his place would be surprised and not understand how the non-working door suddenly opened, … and the next morning his wife Jess almost burned down the new house, because she also decided to check that strange room. She moved away from the stove for a few minutes to pull the door handle, when suddenly it opened again, and by itself. Curiosity got the better of her and she stepped inside. At that moment the door slammed shut, and the pan on the stove was already beginning to burn.

While Jess was in the room and couldn’t get out of it, she found some strange things from the previous owners of the house, which confused her mind a little. For example, in the box she found was an ancient book of spells and black magic. While the girl was examining the little thing, a fire was already blazing in the kitchen, the smoke of which had already filled the whole house. Luckily, the room decided to let Jess out, but it was too late… she started to choke. If not for her husband Brad, she would have died in a burning house, never becoming happy. Of course, all these incidents led the residents to the idea that something was wrong with the house.

Especially if we add to this that an old and dead stump grows on one flower bed, which for some reason cannot be dug up. By that time, quarrels and misunderstandings arise between the couple, related to the fact that Jess wants to have a baby, but Brad, in his immodest opinion, considers himself not ready for such a burden. In the end, everything turns into a scandal, the reason for which is the spending of 30 thousand dollars by Jess on special medical operations that can allow her to fulfill her dream. After this quarrel, the man decides to read a few lines from the found book on black magic, which in the future will lead to irreversible consequences.

After all, the guy on a real basis believes that the spirit that lives in their house will help them get money. For the sake of wealth, he is ready to do anything. However, a little later, the family realizes that they got involved with something very serious. The spirit that lives in their house begins to grow stronger and manifest itself not from the best side. The creature now and then tries to kill someone who is in the house. Despite this, the residents continue to arrange séances.

As a result, in order to save his beloved wife from death, Brad brutally kills Peter, but, unfortunately, the spirit does not accept this sacrifice. Although to some extent we can assume that he liked her, since after the death of Peter, he took possession of his body. The situation is gradually getting worse. Heroes have to bow to him in order to get peace and happiness with money and children. However, not everything is as clear and understandable as Brad, who is so fascinated by this demon, would like. The spirit places a mark on the couple’s child, whose name is Anna. Unfortunately, the spirit was not peaceful towards the residents, it just wanted to get its own.

Explanation of the ending of the movie “Incarnation” (2022)

In the last minutes of the film Incarnation 2022, the viewer realizes that the heroes of the story have contacted a truly terrible creature. The Spirit tempted Brad to obey him, to kill for him, to live for him. A man shouldn’t have put himself and his wife at such risk. After all, in the end, he himself called the demon into their home, life and destiny, hoping for a happy ending. Brad committed the murder, thinking that in this way he was saving his wife, but in fact he only reinforced his worship of the spirit, presenting a terrible sacrifice in his honor. After that, the demon approves of their lives, but only to carry out his own plans.

He gave them a reprieve of six months. During this time, peace and harmony reigned in the house. However, one ill-fated evening, he threw a feather as black as night into the crib. With this sign, he indicated his intention to take the child, in any way that he wished. Brad, realizing the catastrophic nature of the situation, takes control and tells his wife to leave the house immediately before something terrible happens. He himself, believing in his own strength and not realizing who he is dealing with, decides to kill the demon. He wants to do such violence with the same knife that he once killed the owner of the house – Peter.

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