Meaning of the movie “Haunting of the Queen Mary” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Haunting of the Queen Mary” and ending explained Films

Recently, the premiere of the film “Haunting of the Queen Mary” took place. Someone has already managed to visit cinemas and take a look at the history filled with mysticism with their own eyes. In this picture, the world of the living interacts closely with the world of the dead.

The film is suitable for those who like to tickle their nerves.

As is customary in decent horror films of our time, two parallels intersect in a closed space. On the one hand, we are told about one of the last voyages of the ship-hotel “Queen Mary”.

By the way, a lot of scary stories are connected with this liner. People who visited it told that someone’s invisible presence was constantly felt on the liner. Many noted that footsteps were often heard, despite the fact that there was no one nearby. Despite its length, the film slowly but surely brings us to the denouement, while not overloading the viewer with unnecessary information. The atmosphere of the film is mystically frightening.

In the center of the plot, two parallels crossed: the tragic events of the distant events of the first half of the twentieth century and our days. At the moment, the Queen Mary is a kind of ghost museum, but does not stop its cruises, because the mystical reputation of the liner brings a good income. Among those wishing to visit this frightening ship is the Calder family – Anna, Patrick and their son Lucas. Anna Calder is a “paper and pen worker” who wants to invite ship owners to write an exciting story about their ship.

According to Anna, such a move will increase the popularity of the ship and attract new visitors. While a young woman enthusiastically talks about her creative ideas, father and son decide to take a walk on the ship, covered with an aura of mystery. Then everything happens according to the standards of a modern horror film. Lucas falls behind the crowd of tourists, and as a result begins to behave strangely. At first, parents do not notice that something is wrong with their little son. The boy’s behavior begins to frighten them only after returning home.

Frightened parents decide to return to the ship to find out what happened to their son. After this, the events of the film develop rapidly, intertwining the destinies of people from the past and the present.

First story arc.

1938 A family of artists with an average income decided to go on a trip on the famous ship. On Halloween eve, the parents decide to give their daughter a gift and take her to a restaurant. Together they have fun, enjoying the festive atmosphere. The girl’s mother lays out cards and promises good luck to her beloved daughter. It would seem that happiness visited the girl, because her idol, Fred Oster, noticed her and invited her to dance. Agree, it is easy to imagine the euphoria of a girl from the fact that she was invited to dance by someone who is like a god to her. At that moment, it seemed to her that the whole world was at her feet.

Unfortunately, happiness was short-lived. Some madman began to kill people right in the middle of the general fun. When the criminal was caught, it was decided to sacrifice him to the ship. It was believed that such a sacrifice would make the ship unsinkable. But the price was too high. Now the “victim” and the souls of the dead who remained on the ship are doomed to become the eternal guests of the liner. Undead souls yearn to be freed from the eternal bonds that bind them to the ship. At the end, it turns out that the soul of the daughter of that killer settled in the body of Lucas. Patrick and Anna, having learned the truth, decide to sacrifice themselves and stay on the ship with the soul of their son.

At the end of the film, the Calder couple go to the pier to see the police, despite the fact that their son remained on the ship. The spouses are put into different cars and taken to the station. But it is obvious that completely different souls live in the bodies of Patrick and Anna. What are these souls and what is their history? We will find out when the second part of the film will be released!

What is the meaning of the film?

Let’s talk a little about the meaning of the film. Does it exist or is it just a movie to watch with friends when you go to the cinema on the weekend? Such a statement is quite true. We are used to looking for hidden meanings, secret signs. And they simply don’t exist. The director has created a mystical story that you just need to watch to give your brain a rest. Do not think anything, but just observe the plot. Believe me, this happens too.

But we are always looking for something out of the ordinary. Even in the fairy tale about Kolobok, we are looking for a deep meaning. And someone generally turns the meaning of the Bluebeard fairy tale upside down, swapping the characters. Now the villain is not Bluebeard, but his wife, who failed the trust test.

What is hidden in this horror movie?

The simplest conclusion floating on the surface – do not wake up famously while it is quiet! In other words, don’t interfere where you don’t need to. Taunting fate is a dangerous undertaking. There is always a price to pay for curiosity. So our heroes paid a high price by giving their souls to the ship.
You can also note the power of parental love. The film clearly shows that there is nothing more important than a child in the world. For the sake of little angels, parents will make any sacrifice. After all, children are the most precious thing a parent has.

Well, let’s wait for the next films about “Old Mary”. You may have to watch The Ship of Ghosts more than once to find all the clues that director Harry Shore hid there.

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