Meaning of the movie “Halloween Kills” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Halloween Kills” and ending explained Films

Halloween Kills really  lives up to its name The project starts right after the 2018 Halloween finale and shows Michael Myers killing everyone in his path in Haddonfield. Meanwhile, Tommy Doyle, the child that Laurie cared for in the original 1978 horror, has grown up and is gathering people to kill Michael Myers.

But what about the finale? How does Michael Myers escape? Who is he killing? Why does Officer Hawkins (Will Patton) feel so responsible for Michael’s rampage? Below is a brief explanation of what happened in the painting.

What is movie “Halloween Kills” about?

Even if you liked the Halloween Kills slasher, it can be difficult to figure out what happened in a horror movie. If only because there are several storylines in horror that simultaneously develop in the “past” and “present”. It also has a lot of secondary characters. And do not forget that the creators of the sequel to the remake (!) of the cult original by John Carpenter noticeably rewrote the mythology of the cycle and changed the plot.

The continuation of “Halloween 2018” does not even begin with a scene in which Laurie Strode tried to destroy Michael Myers, but moves a little into the past and shows Cameron – Allison’s boyfriend, Laurie’s granddaughter, who cheated on her at a party.

Cameron goes looking for Allison, only to find Sheriff Frank Hawkins badly injured. And the guy atones for part of the guilt for his past actions by actually saving the policeman’s life. Meanwhile, we go to Hawkins’ flashback, in which he recalls his first meeting with serial killer Michael Myers, as well as how he accidentally killed his partner while trying to neutralize and stop the bloodthirsty maniac.

In the memoirs, Frank Hawkins again finds himself in 1978 and becomes a witness and participant in the sad events that took place in the town of Haddonfield after the appearance of the “boogeyman” in it.

However, it is important to consider one nuance. With Halloween Kills, the new writers of the series took the risk of changing the canon. And now it turned out that the police still managed to arrest Michael Myers back in 1978. Later, in another flashback, we learn that Dr. Samuel Loomis tried to kill Myers, but Hawkins prevented the psychiatrist (for which the policeman still blames himself). And colleagues helped the future sheriff hide the fact of the murder of his partner.

Further, the plot of “Halloween Kills” constantly switches between two storylines. After Laurie Strode, along with her granddaughter and daughter, tried to deal with Myers, she landed in the hospital. And most of the time is in the same room with Sheriff Hawkins. And the townspeople, led by Tommy Doyle, open the hunting season for a maniac. The point is that the locals decide to take justice into their own hands and begin to look for a brutal serial killer in order to execute him and get rid of the fear that has poisoned their lives for more than 40 years forever.

But how did Michael Myers survive in the basement of a burning house after being trapped in Laurie Strode? Well, it looks like the steel door protected him from the roaring flames. And then a team of firefighters arrived at the scene of the fire, who began to extinguish the house. Brave strong guys are trying to repel the evil killer, because they immediately understand that they face the fear and horror of Haddonfield. But Michael Myers easily deals with his unwitting saviors and calmly goes about his business.

An endless massacre begins – Michael Myers seems to kill everyone who falls under his hot hand. Meanwhile, a group of caring local residents are hunting him. Among them, for example, is Marion Chambers, a former assistant to Dr. Loomis. And also Lindsey Wallace – a grown-up girl who was nursed by Laurie Strode as a child.

Then the action moves back to the hospital. Lori, who is still in the hospital, is confident that her plan has succeeded and the serial killer is dead. But her daughter Karen knows that the maniac is alive – and is sure that Michael Myers will return to the hospital to end Lori. But the bottom line is that Sheriff Hawkins doesn’t believe Laurie is the only reason Michael returned to his hometown of Haddonfield. And he says that his attending psychiatrist, Dr. Sartain, is guilty of releasing the maniac.

Dr. Sartain was obsessed with the idea that Michael Myers and Laurie Strode should fight in the final battle in order to solve their psychological problems and leave their previous traumas and contradictions in the past. But the serial killer seems to think otherwise, because he is heading straight for his parents’ house. And this is bad news for Big John and Little John, who live in the house where the maniac committed his first murder. It is obvious that the Johns will die a terrible death.

At this very time, despite all the objections of the authorities and the police, Tommy Doyle is inciting a crowd of frightened people in the hospital to lynch the maniac. A frightened Lance Tovoli, one of the fugitive psychos released during Myers’ escape, runs into the hospital. The enraged mob is about to execute the poor man because everyone thinks that this is Michael Myers. As a result, the hunted Lance is thrown out the window – commits suicide, despite Karen’s attempts to save him from the mob’s court.


In the hospital with Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), Hawkins reminisces about 1978 when he first crossed paths with Michael. In a flashback, we see Hawkins and his partner confronting the villain in his old home. Hawkins, still a rookie, shoots a partner instead of Michael Myers. He is tormented by guilt. As Michael is being beaten on the lawn and surrounded by officers, Loomis approaches, intent on shooting the maniac. Hawkins confesses to Laurie that he was “lost in his regret” and couldn’t see anyone die, which is why he stopped Loomis from shooting Michael.


It’s fucking Michael Myers. Michael returned home where he kills Lonnie (Robert Longstreet) and his son Cameron (Dylan Arnold) before turning his attention to Allison (Andy Matichak). Allison stabs him several times, but that doesn’t stop him. Before he can kill her, her mother Karen (Judy Greer) appears and stabs him in the back with a pitchfork. She removes his mask and uses it to lure Michael outside, where an angry mob of townspeople, led by Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall), is waiting.

The townspeople start beating Michael with baseball bats and other objects. He is on the ground when Karen stabs him in the back with a knife. Satisfied that it killed Michael, Karen returns to Myers’ old house to console her daughter. Leigh Brackett (Charles Cyphers), unhappy with Michael’s easy death, is about to shoot him. But he hesitates and Michael jumps up, pulling the knife from his back and slitting Brackett’s throat. He then turns and starts killing every citizen around him, ending with Tommy Doyle.


When it looks like Michael could be defeated, he comes to life and kills the people of Haddonfield. Back at the hospital, Laurie lays out her theory to Hawkins:

I always thought that Michael Myers was flesh and blood, like you and me, but an ordinary person could not survive what he experienced. The more he kills, the more he transforms into something else that cannot be defeated. Fear. People are afraid. This is Michael’s real curse.

Does that mean this version of Michael Myers is now canonically supernatural? Not really. The character has a history of supernatural power in the Halloween franchise , but the 2018 strip erased all canon except for John Carpenter’s 1978 original. That is, Michael Myers is not a supernatural being.

Speaking to Collider , David Gordon revealed that there is an extended version of the Halloween Kills ending , so it’s possible we’ll see another version of the movie that offers even more clarity.


No. Laurie and Karen mistakenly believe that Michael’s path to Laurie’s house was deliberate, but Allison and Hawkins know the truth: It wasn’t Michael’s obsession with Laurie that brought him to the house, but Dr. Sartan. And in Halloween Kills, we learn that Michael’s real destination was his childhood home, where he killed his sister – a familiar theme for the character, given that the original film’s tagline was “the night he came home.”

Director David Gordon Green previously confirmed that Myers is a character with no motive, explaining, “I think he’s a showy and resilient man, devoid of motive and emotion.”


Thinking she saw a child dressed as a clown in the window, Karen leaves Allison in the hands of the EMTs while she investigates Myers’ house. In what was once Judith’s room, Karen looks out over the lawn and doesn’t see Michael sneak up on her until it’s too late. He stabs her until she falls to the floor, presumably dying. This has not been confirmed as the franchise has a long history of returning characters for sequels – as a recent example, Hawkins supposedly died in the 2018 film but played a pivotal role in the sequel.

How was Michael able to get past all the people outside? This is not explained. Maybe he used the back door. Maybe he just quietly slipped past everyone. Maybe he really had some powers all along.


Halloween Kills certainly lives up to its title, with Michael Myers killing off Sondra (Diva Tyler) and Roger (Lenny Clarke); Vanessa (Carmela McNeil) and Marcus (Michael Smallwood); a married couple dressed as a doctor and a nurse who are Julian’s neighbors; a couple living in his childhood home; and boyfriend Allison Cameron (Dylan Arnold).

Michael is also getting rid of most of the old characters that have returned, including Cameron’s father Lonnie Elam (Robert Longstreet).

Well, both Lori and Allison, Karen’s mother and daughter, are alive at the end of the new horror. Lindsey (Kyle Richards) and Officer Hawkins (Patton) are also alive in the hospital, as is Julian (Gibrail Nantambu), the boy from the first film.

Halloween’s End , the finale of the trilogy, is already in development , and it’s clear we’ll see the survivors again. The plot of the triquel will make a time jump of 5 years, and the premiere will take place in 2022.

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