Meaning of the movie “A Man Called Otto” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “A Man Called Otto” and ending explained Films

“A Man Named Otto” is a comedy-drama film directed by Mark Forster. The film is one hundred and twenty-six minutes long, and initially looking at it, the thought arose in my head: “Everything is clear, when will something interesting begin?”

It is from the middle of the film that the picture is assembled into a puzzle and the understanding comes that this is an excellent film filled with meaning, a story that touches the soul and from which tears well up in the eyes, and the idea that this film can be reviewed again, or maybe not once.

What is the movie “A Man Called Otto” about?

A story about a man named Otto. Getting to know him from the first minutes of the film, we understand that Otto is an old grumbler, who is not satisfied with anything, a pedant, expresses what he thinks in the face with aggression, without thinking about what could offend a person, he is used to telling how to do it, how right and how wrong. Indeed, the saying “terrible neighbor” is about him.

Otto had a job, but on his birthday, he was retired, as Otto told his superiors that he was forced to leave. The authorities and colleagues arranged a holiday for him, but Otto did not appreciate this, he said everything and left, slamming the door behind him.

Otto seems to be a man embittered at everyone and the whole world. Having lost his job, he decides to end his life, he wants to climb into the noose, put on a suit and die. Otta’s plan didn’t work, the hook gave way and he fell to the floor.

Looking out the window, Otto sees how someone cannot park in a car, it annoys and pisses him off, and if they are strangers who do not have permission, he cannot leave as they are now and decides to go outside. Having expressed his dissatisfaction to the young couple and, of course, asking permission, he learns that he has new neighbors Marisol, her husband Tonny and they have two more daughters. With the advent of Marisol, Otto’s life has changed dramatically.

Despite the fact that a man named Otto was shown to us as harmful, the neighbors turn to him for help, knowing that he will grumble.

In the film, Otto tried to commit suicide several times.

The second time he turned on the gas and sat in the garage, in the car, he wanted to suffocate, but he did not manage to die, as Marisol came to him and asked for help.

In the film, we are shown how Otto lives his life unhappily, helps his neighbors, and wants to die, but we are also shown how he remembers his past when he was young.

Memories from life: did not take the army; acquaintance with Sofia; going to a restaurant; An offer of marriage; building a house and its area;

The fact is that at a young age, Otto was left alone. He lost his mother at a young age, he does not remember anything about her, he only remembers how bad it was without her. At a young age, his father also left, it hurt him greatly. After the death of his father, fate brought him to Sofia, they built a beautiful relationship, became a wonderful family, he is not alone.

This couple went through many trials, but Sofia left this world earlier, leaving Otto alone. Now it became clear why Otta has a bad temper and why he wants to leave this world so much, because he wants to be with his Sophia.

Otto is desperately trying to end his life, he went to the train station and wanted to jump onto the railway, where the train was going, but a man was ahead of him, the man did what Otto wanted to do, Otto rushes to his aid! It turns out that again his plan did not work, the time to part with life has not yet come!

Marisol asked Otto to teach her how to drive. Otto refused Marisol and just watched the neighbor teach her how to drive, and of course, he taught her wrong, and Otto decided to take on Marisol, came to her house and said that he would teach her to drive a car, not an automatic one, but a mechanics. and Otto did it, he said motivating words to her, after which she went:

“You gave birth to two children, soon the third. You came here from a very distant country, you learned a new language, got an education and a jerk husband, and you drag this family on yourself, you will learn to drive without problems. God, there are a lot of complete idiots in the world who have learned this, and you are not a complete idiot.

Otto really taught her how to drive and how to park.

After that, they became close and Otto shared his love story with Marisol.

To all the neighbors to whom Otto spoke something, they all knew about his life, that he had lost his wife, that he should not be nervous, he had a sick heart. Therefore, they did not respond to his aggression with aggression. When Otto found out that everyone knows about his life, he was shocked and he again decided to commit suicide.

The moment when Otto is about to commit suicide again, Marisol is very worried about him and knocks on the door, stands near this door for a long time, hoping that Otto will open it to her, and he is immersed in memories, he remembers how his beloved wife Sofia lost her child . He decides to shoot himself, but he was again prevented, the boy prevented.

All the neighbors in his house are friends with each other and love this harmful neighbor named Otto, take care and watch him so that, God forbid, he does nothing to himself. Otto, embittered at the whole world, stopped thinking about someone, he only thought about how to end his life. He did not notice that his close friends Anita and Rubin, with whom he communicated throughout his life, had problems. Thanks to Marisol, Otta realized in his head that he was needed, that he was taken care of and worried about, and he decided to get together with all the neighbors and help Anita and Rubin sort out their difficult situation.

After resolving the problem, Otto had a heart attack and ended up in the hospital. It was there in the hospital that the doctor told Marisol that Otto was sick, his heart was too big, Marisol laughed and told Otto that he did not know how to die.

“A Man Called Otto” hidden meaning

The meaning of the film is simple – a person has a big heart, both in terms of health and spiritually.

The film shows the love story of Otto and Sofia, they were together no matter what and overcame all difficulties, trials, and even when Sofia died, Otto often went to the cemetery and introduced her to Marisol.

All the time Otto wanted to end his life, but God stopped him because suicide is a sin, and Otto has a good heart, he will help everyone who needs help. You need to live as long as you are supposed to and fulfill your mission.

The meaning of the film is simple: “Grief can change a person, but you need to come to your senses in time and live on, communicating, doing something. Thanks to Marisol, Otto realized that someone needs him and is worried about him, which means he must help and take care of those to whom he is dear.

When he realized that Marisol and his neighbor friends needed him, he put an end to the idea of ​​suicide, he decided to live as long as he was supposed to.

A Man Called Otto ending explained

“Marisol, if you are reading this, don’t worry, I didn’t do anything stupid. It turns out that a big heart is not so great. The doctors warned that I would have to live in the hospital, so I had a plan, that’s all. The cat eats tuna twice a day and urinates alone, respect her. I would like a funeral, just some kind of wake for those who thought I deserved it.

Otto died, just fell asleep and didn’t wake up, that’s how good people die.

After himself, he left everything to Marisol. When he realized that he was needed, he did so much good that he had not done in his entire life.

Otto is a man with a big heart! And he will be remembered for a long time, and only good things will be remembered about him.

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