“Parallels” movie explained (meaning of the plot and ending)

Meaning of movie “Parallels” (plot and ending explained) Films

The main character, Ronan, a not-too-lucky fighter without rules, receives a message from his father, whom he has not communicated with for two years after his mother’s death. In the letter, the father asks him to come on Sunday at 18:19 to house 156 along the avenue. Such accuracy is a little surprising.
Some strange men dressed as villagers come to my father and yell at him from the street. After that, the father disappears. Ronan does not find him at home; instead, he meets his sister Bitrix, whom he has not seen for two years. In their father’s things, they found some strange black round mechanism of unknown purpose. They take him with them and go to that mysterious house where their father ordered them to come.
They are joined by neighbor Harold, who is breathing unevenly towards Bitrix. The desired house is a parallelepiped skyscraper, which can be safely called quite stylish. There is no father at the entrance to the building; three go inside and realize that the building is abandoned: the walls are painted with graffiti and inscriptions. Some of the notes are more than strange. For example, “Do not go to Earth 33, there is an infection” or “Found an Earth where only twin children are born.”
At this moment, the lamps begin to blink under the ceiling. Compared to the peeling walls, the lights look too new – white and LED. Ronan, Harold, and Bitrix decided to go outside again and were stunned – everything had disappeared!!! There is no longer their city, but only a wasteland with old auto junk, and further on, one could see houses destroyed by the explosion. Against the background of this devastation, the skyscraper looks very strange, which turned out to be completely untouched by either time or destruction, almost the same as it was when the three heroes approached it. Then, before falling into this new and strange world.
There they saw some men who told them to get out and even fired a pistol. Young people run back to the building and climb the stairs to the third floor, and they can’t get higher – the passage is closed with a net. They settle in one of the rooms, discuss what they saw in shock, and do not understand anything.
They were joined by a girl who called herself Polly. By the appearance of the guests, I realized that they were “from the last Earth,” where “the Internet, cool phones and latte coffee, similar to melted ice cream.” Polly explained to the young people that the building jumps every 36 hours, and the main thing is to enter and exit the building in time to get to the right word. There are many worlds, some parallel realities, and different versions of our Earth, and the construction looks like an axis around which the Earth-worlds rotate or a portal through which you can travel through these worlds. Now you can understand where the father of Ronan and Bitrix disappeared – he probably went into the house and could not go out for two years.
The following day, young people in that room were found by armed men, the same ones they had seen on the street the day before. They take our heroes to the factory, put them under lock and key, and interrogate us. They manage to escape and quickly return to the skyscraper in a wheelbarrow. Phrase: “Hurry, guys, we need to bring down. The building will not wait!” – has a unique and literal meaning.
The man named Lomaster, who interrogated them, followed them to plant a bomb under the high-rise and blow it up. The bomb explodes almost simultaneously with the blinking of the LED lights and the high-rise jump. Lomaster went inside with the guys and went out into a new world – just incredible, where architecture and technology are 20 years ahead of our world. If our heroes already understood what was happening, then Lomaster seemed quite surprised by what had happened.
In this world, our heroes have learned that their complete genetic copies exist here, only more successful ones. Harold has a chic apartment here, filled with marvels of technology. Bitrix found out through the Internet that “her version” graduated from college in this world. Although in our world, she did not go to college because after her mother’s death, she cared for her father. And just before she went to this strange house, she received a notification by mail that she had entered Princeton; that is, all her studies were still ahead.
There is a laptop with a transparent monitor on a table in the “local Harold” quartile. It’s amazing how they work on it if a vase of fruit is visible through the glass monitor :))) A touching and remarkable moment was when Bitrix asked “our” Harold what the password to the laptop of “local” Harold could be. He thought and suggested that “Bitrix 0923” and this password came up. This confused Bitrix; she realized he loved her, and the number 0923 was her birthday. They also learned that in this world, they would not be able to find their father; he died three months before their appearance in this reality. But Ronan did not find himself in this world. He was not here, either because he was not born or because he died. This was unpleasant news for him; it turns out that if you haven’t achieved anything in our world at all,
Harold from our world read the mail of the “local” Harold and found out that he was hiding some information and decided to make it public – he sent correspondence to someone. Bitrix was surprised by this: “Why do you want to destroy the life of the best version of yourself?” Still, he did it. Then I saw on TV how the journalists besieged the “local” Harold, and he justified himself that hackers had hacked him.
Further, our characters again return to the skyscraper. It’s incredible who built it in such a cunning way that it exists in all parallel realities at the same time, how this mysterious building functions, who serves it, and why in each fact, the city authorities do not try to demolish repair or rent it – it is so stands abandoned.
Ronan showed Polly the strange black ball-shaped device he had found in his father’s belongings. She said she did not know what it was, but she knew where such a device could be from – from the Main World. But no one has been there yet.
Lomaster bought some electronics from the store and assembled a computer in the building that “connected to the system”: when you clicked on the touch screen, the building shook. In this way, he tried to reach out to those at the top, which created all this. The building has 70 floors, but it is impossible to rise above the 7th; the stairs are concreted, and the elevators are not called. And this is how it happened: the elevator doors opened, and out came. Ronan and Bitrix. He sent Lomaster upstairs in the elevator, saying he would find answers to his questions.
Having hugged the children, the man told them to drop dead information: he and their mother are not from our world, they always traveled, and when they decided to have children, they chose a safer world – ours (I don’t know why they decided so). It also turns out that their mother “did not die completely”; the guys must find her and give her a black round device; with its help, she will be able to find the Main World. After these words, he left again, saying, “I have my war.” Using Lomaster’s computer, the guys jump into the building again and go outside. It is noteworthy that three Pauline is in the building, and they “throw on their fingers” who should leave the building this time to the next parallel universe.
The film can be called low-budget and dull, but it made a lasting impression on me. The idea of ​​multiple parallel worlds excites my mind. After viewing the questions, a lot remained, and the intrigue was preserved. The film was released in 2015, and I hoped that the second part had already been released, but so far, I have not found anything similar to be a logical continuation of this particular film. I recommend the movie; the topic is intriguing!!!

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