Essay on the topic “Why should nature be protected?”

Essay on the topic "Why should nature be protected?" Essay

Nature is the entire environment from which we receive all the benefits for a happy life: food, home, water, oxygen. It is thanks to the surrounding environment that we are able to feel like full-fledged people and have everything we want. But there is an eternal question, why is it necessary to take care of the environment and what can happen if nature is polluted?

Pollution of nature can cause a lot of trouble for the future of all mankind. Since nature gives us everything we need to be able to live fully, we should take care of it in the same way so that it does not take away our well-being. The environment was invented by the Almighty for a reason, so you should take care of it from a very young age.

I was always in the front rows when the school held Saturdays every month, because we take the initiative into our own hands and make life much more comfortable for ourselves. Currently, the situation with the environment has become much worse than it was some time ago. Humanity has started using more and more plastic products, which are then simply thrown on the side of the road, leading to a lot of problems in the future.

I have always been concerned about the environment and its cleanliness, because since I was a child I was used to the fact that there are special garbage cans where you have to throw away used food packages or an empty water bottle. The situation that is happening with nature now worries me no less. Due to the carelessness of humanity to cleanliness and order after recreation in nature leads to huge problems caused by nature itself. This is where fires, floods, tsunamis, etc. occur. I believe that God sees everything from above and thus tries to punish society for what they do.

Recently, I attended an interesting training, which was devoted to the cleanliness of the environment and ways to overcome the pollution of territories in our region. I was so surprised that I am not alone among those who care about nature, but I was very satisfied that the work was fruitful and we were able to reduce the percentage of pollution in our region at least a little.

I have read a lot of news and know a lot of information about the fact that society is actively starting to fight against the excessive use of plastic bags, plastic bottles and other waste that is simply thrown on the roadside. I am very pleased with the fact that, even after some time, humanity came to its senses and began to act for the sake of preserving the environment, which gives us all the well-being for a normal life. Currently, I see that people have started to find an alternative to the already known tares, they are starting to sort garbage and hand over batteries, bottles and paper for recycling.

We must protect nature because it protects us. In order to live in complete comfort with the surrounding environment, it will be enough to follow some rules to preserve our nature. After being in nature, it is necessary to clean up the garbage, do not leave the fire lit, do not destroy trees, flowers and other plants. Every little detail is good to save the environment.

Besides being environmentally conscious in the sense of “don’t litter the curb, don’t use plastic bags, or burn dry leaves,” there are also issues like humanity’s inability to plant plants. Due to massive deforestation, our air is constantly under pollution, because the modern world is currently full of cars and other means of transportation, which pollute it with their exhaust gases. Everyone knows and understands perfectly well that trees were invented in this world for a reason, but to clean our air, which we breathe every second. So nothing is impossible in this world, you just need to personally understand the importance of this problem and start acting from yourself, and then attract others to overcome the common problem of the entire society on planet Earth.

Man is closely connected with the environment, so in order not to upset nature because of our attitude towards it, it is necessary to understand its importance in the life of the entire society. Only when a person begins to understand that nature gives absolutely everything that can be considered wealth for society, then he will be able to take care of the environment in which he lives.

It is no secret that our health is directly related to the city in which we live. It is not for nothing that they say that the climate in the mountains or on the sea is much more pleasant than in a big city. Exactly, but why? Because the air in the mountains is not polluted, it is the same at the sea. But still, the water is heavily polluted, because people continue to throw all kinds of garbage into the sea, on the shore, and so on.

Our relationship with the environment directly depends on our health. Take care of nature and it will definitely take care of you!

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