Essay on the topic “What makes me happy”

Essay on the topic "What makes me happy" Essay

Quite often, every person has thought about what makes him happy at a certain period of his life. Someone believes that happiness is the health of family and friends, someone – a normal salary at work, and someone – just their own life. A happy life is what every person in this world strives for. This is due to the fact that, due to constant life difficulties, sometimes the desire to arrange the future is awakened in such a way that it is possible to clearly say that “I am happy.”

Once I had an argument with my friend, who tried to prove to me that there are no happy people in this world, because every time we just try to get out of the situation and constantly put on a mask that is considered “joyful, happy, kind”. I did not agree with his opinion, because there are happy people, I am sure. It’s just that everyone perceives the concept of happiness differently.

It is difficult to answer the question: “What makes me happy?”, when there is an unequivocal answer to the question: “What is happiness?” does not exist. I believe that absolutely any thing in this world can make a person happy. Someone will be happy from buying a new car, someone from a spiritual connection with God, and someone just because all relatives and close people are alive and are near you.

A person can be happy from any circumstances in his life, for example, I was very happy when I finally found a person who gave me a lot of his free time, made all kinds of surprises for me and gave me joyful emotions for several years. But suddenly everything disappeared, as if I had a dream in which I felt a feeling that was unfamiliar to me. It seems to me that a person who is in a good relationship with his other half is more than happy.

“Being in the seventh heaven with happiness” – this is the phraseology I would use to describe my own feelings, when I’m just circling like a little fairy, in whose soul only emotions of a positive nature are constantly bubbling. Our life is so fleeting that spending time on sad emotions and constant abuse of your body is a waste of time. It is necessary to be able to find happiness in small things.

Once my grandmother told me one important thing of a happy person, which I use every time I feel a decline in strength and unwillingness to do something in this world. She told me that every person should have a place where no one will bother them. Every time the inevitable reluctance hit me, I gathered my thoughts, took my phone and headphones and looked for a place in my city where I live to be alone with my thoughts and feelings for a while. I really found this place and every time I went there, taking my favorite coffee and sweets beforehand. I sat down in my favorite place, where I was not bothered by what was happening behind my experiences. I analyzed my whole life and often came to the same conclusion: “I am happy.”

I made these conclusions not just out of the blue, but analyzed every day I lived and tried to find at least one thing that could really upset me, but being in my favorite place for more than half an hour, I could not find things that would depress me my inner state.

For now, I think I’m quite happy, barring some derailing circumstances. For me, to be happy is to have a positive attitude every day and enjoy every minute of it. I am grateful to my grandmother, who told me about this little secret in time, so now I always use it when I feel that I need to be alone.

In my opinion, what makes me happy is being with my relatives, and especially our joint trips somewhere far from home. It is thanks to the trip that I am able to get further on the right path, completely readjust and enjoy every moment with my parents and sister. They, like no one else, know what I really need for a full, happy life. They constantly try to make me all kinds of little joys, and that’s why I’m glad that I have a big family that doesn’t ignore my bad mood and makes me happy every moment.

I repeatedly advised my friends with my grandmother’s words, and when I received positive feedback from just one attempt to “reboot” after a hard day at work, I was happy that I could make at least a small part of society happier.

It is simply impossible to be happy every minute, because all kinds of obstacles in life still exist, but if you learn to build your future correctly and give preference to positive emotions, you will certainly succeed in being happy.

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