Essay on the topic “The noble knight Don Quixote”

Essay on the topic "The noble knight Don Quixote" Essay

The best works of foreign and Ukrainian literature quite often contain main characters to whom it is impossible to choose a certain attitude, because it is quite contradictory. Such an example was the main character of Cervantes’ work Don Quixote, where the author tells the reader about the adventures of the main character. Cervantes put his whole soul into the image of Don Quixote, so the hero had qualities that are inherent in a hero who is treated ambiguously. Although who knows, maybe it was this combination of qualities that gave Don Quixote worldwide fame from different readers. Such a certain feature of Don Quixote’s image only makes him better and provides him with inimitable and unique qualities.

Of course, Don Quixote was a hero, because it is impossible to argue with that. His heroism consists in the fact that he personally appropriated the title of knight, which is quite difficult and difficult to justify and defend. Knights have always fought against social inequality and sided with those who tried to make this world a much better place. So did Don Quixote. Knights constantly challenged those people who were much stronger than them, for example, the rulers of their country, who simply constantly oppressed their own people.

The view of the famous protagonist of Cervantes’ Don Quixote was that he saw a humane society and tried to illustrate the fact that there is no need to oppress the people, because they all together contribute to the prosperity of the future state.

Justifying such a status would take quite a lot of time and energy. Such a special attitude to your work, diligence and a sense of responsibility for what contribution you make to the future prosperity of your people is very important. The main factor that Don Quixote relied on was the desire for perfection in everything. It was because of this that his image of a knight became the face of high morality, and it was not difficult for him to show such a face to the people.

Don Quixote tried to build his own life as if he were a knight-errant. He imagined himself exactly in this image, because since childhood he adored reading adventure novels about tenacious knights who help their people to shamefully overcome the ruling government.

In order to answer the eternal question “Does Don Quixote act as a knight or is he still an obsessed man?” I decided to tell my own attitude towards this character. Personally, the image of Don Quixote immediately seemed quite unusual and very interesting to me. This thought caught up with me at the moment when I learned that the hero already had a certain farm at that time, which was in great demand among other residents. However, his false opinion started from the moment he began to immerse himself in the adventure novels of knights. From there, he absorbed into his soul the information that they are like heroes, but we all understand that most such novels are built on a pile of ridiculous nonsense. And Don Quixote considered it his duty to become the person he had been reading about all his life.

Most of all, I would call Don Quixote a weirdo who was born in the wrong place and at the wrong time, because for me he is the image of those people who constantly try to combine heroism with strange things. I feel very sorry for this hero, because he was so immersed in adventure novels about knights that he completely forgot that he lives in a completely different place and time.

I think that the image of Don Quixote is quite strange. Since the author clearly describes in his work a large number of different comic situations that happened to the hero throughout the work, the author endowed him with certain features that cannot be immediately understood. Don Quixote himself constantly tried to exaggerate all the events that happened in his life.

If you carefully read the work “Don Quixote” by Cervantes, you probably saw that every next person he met on his adventurous path perceived him as a crazy eccentric who went a little crazy and invented something unreal for himself. All this happened for one simple reason: society, except for the owner, did not have the opportunity to see a noble horse in a thin shed, and giants in mills.

The special combination of qualities and features for playing the main character of Don Quixote gave Cervantes worldwide fame. The very image of Don Quixote becomes popular during the author’s lifetime, because he was able to successfully express the image of those people who are used to combining heroism with strange things.

I believe that the image of Don Quixote will be very apt for those people who have read a large number of books of the time in which they do not live. It is necessary to understand one’s own purpose and remember that most books contain a large number of falsehoods that are unlikely to exist in real life.

The image of Don Quixote is a world-famous image of those who live dreams of a better life from books.

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