Essay on the topic “The Little Prince”

Essay on the topic "The Little Prince" Essay

Life is a constant course of various emotions that accompany a person throughout his existence. We are constantly trying to find something special in order to finally realize the beauty of our life and fill it with bright emotions and memories. How often does a person think about the meaning of his existence, why he was born into this world and what contribution he should make for a bright future? I believe that at least once in our lives, each of us has thought about this, because we are constantly accompanied by various literature that teaches us to think about the difficult problems of society and the fate of the entire people.

One of those writers who raised a difficult topic of society was Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who presented a wonderful philosophical work “The Little Prince”. This sad trend was raised and noticed by the author for a reason, he tried to convey his own opinion to the whole world so that humanity would finally think about what should be considered the most important thing in the life of each of them.

Childhood for any person is a time when we do not think about further plans and achievements that we will make in the future. This is a carefree time when the child is just getting to know the world and trying to build his own happy future. In childhood, each of us tried to grow up faster, go to work, build a family and create a career in the future job. We longed for independence, freedom from our parents, tried to become adults in every sense. But all the same, the time has now come when, being quite adults, we try to find at least some opportunity to return to the childhood that we already lived.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry highlighted this problem through the main character of his work, where a quite adult man looks at the world through the eyes of a child and once again reminds himself of what should be important in the life of every person. The hero of the work understands that the most important thing is mutual understanding, harmony with the environment and the ability to be happy about the little things that we naturally notice in adult life. It is such small details that we simply cannot buy for any amount of money, namely: the dawn, the aroma of morning coffee, the boundless glow of the stars at night, as well as the extremely important elements of our lives – friendship and love.

A child’s personality is not yet occupied with the constant problems of society, so they sincerely believe that this world is filled with kindness, harmony and sincere feelings for each other. It is this truth that enables the human soul to be filled with pure thoughts, to take responsibility for the lives of other people, and teaches to care for the environment. Of course, our life is fleeting and can be compared to cosmic speed, because every day something changes. When we grow up, we begin to calculate and explain various points, which in a child’s imagination are like the mystery of a bright neon lamp.

We sincerely believed in Santa Claus, we were waiting for the tooth fairy to bring us gifts, because we lost our first milk tooth. Adult life begins to fade and our dreams and hopes for good in this world disappear somewhere. But how good it was when we believed in boundless happiness, when we kept our thoughts in small notebooks and heard all the beauty of the singing of spring birds that had just returned home from a warm land.

In the work “The Little Prince”, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry highlighted the contrast between adults and children not by their age differences, but by the values ​​that exist in the hearts of children and the already quite adult generation. We are all used to the fact that adults constantly strive to have enough money, power, become callous and forget about their dreamy childhood. But the child, on the contrary, seeks to get along with his peers, rejoices in every lived day and admires the beauty of small details. In his work, the author also emphasized the problem of friendship in this world. He says that it is impossible to choose friends only with the eyes, because appearance does not play a key role when getting to know a person, we choose with our brain when we begin to learn about a person, his inner state and life positions.

I believe that reading philosophical works such as “The Little Prince” makes everyone think about the fleeting life and definitely remember their childhood when they had no worries. I was delighted to read this work, because my position in life saw a new path, where I began to see the beauty in small details and see this world with “child’s” eyes, who do not yet know what this world will actually be before us in the future.

So, I believe that the main idea that the author of the work wanted to convey to us is what values ​​should be protected in one’s heart. It is necessary to think about the meaning of one’s own life and begin to understand one’s own purpose. You should be what you were born to be, and not exist as a pathetic copy all your life.

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