Essay on the topic “My favorite TV show”

Essay on the topic "My favorite TV show" Essay

The modern world is full of opportunities, especially in terms of technology, so almost 95% of the population can watch TV, sit on smartphones and watch videos on YouTube. My childhood passed at a time when there were already televisions and I was happy to come after school, turn on my favorite TV channel and watch my favorite TV shows instead of studying, which I watched every day while my mother was at work. I spent a lot of time and watched both TV shows and favorite series that probably every Ukrainian knows. The most favorite TV program of my childhood was the program “Who’s on top”, which was broadcast on my favorite TV channel – Novy Kanal. It all started with the fact that I suddenly turned on the TV, and this program was shown on the screen.

The meaning of this show was that there were two teams – girls and boys and they competed with each other, because there was only one winner. Their task was that they had to complete various tasks and quests in order to receive money for it at the end. The team that collects the most money wins, but the most interesting thing happened in the finals, the team that won in the finals multiplied its earned funds twice, and the team that remained the loser received 0 hryvnias on its account. That is, if the girls’ team earned 5 thousand hryvnias for the entire period of the telecast, and the boys earned 10 thousand hryvnias, but the girls win in the final, so they get 10 thousand hryvnias, and the boys – zero.

I have been watching this program since the sixth grade and still sometimes re-watch their episodes, because it always brought me pleasure and a good mood. Now I don’t watch this show anymore, because I just don’t have time for it, but I still remember many episodes and sometimes answer questions and do tasks with them. If anyone knows this program, then he probably remembers that during the entire period of filming of this program, the leader of the women’s team was changed three times. For the boys, my favorite Serhii Prytula remains unchanged, but for the girls, first Olga Freimut, then Kateryna Varnava appeared, and now the host is Lesya Nikityuk. Most of all I always liked the judge, because he was never seen, but I heard him. Watching the program for 5 years in a row, only when I grew up, I realized that Oleksandr Pedan was my favorite. I really thought it was just a voice from heaven.

In addition to this TV show, I always liked to watch the Ukrainian STB channel, which constantly released new programs that were simply impossible not to watch. Every evening, I watched with enthusiasm Master Chef, Weighted and Happy, Everyone Dances and many other programs. Unfortunately, they are no longer shown, but I remember the moment when I watched with admiration and dreamed of trying myself on one of these projects.

Being already about 16 years old, I still decided to watch some program on television in addition to films, and I had the opportunity to watch “Dancing with the Stars” on the 1+1 TV channel. I think that most of the people know this channel and this program, so it is not worth explaining for a long time what was done there. I cheered for my favorite stars, sent many text messages for my favorite dancers and waited every next Friday to finally find out if my favorite couple would stay for at least one more program.

Of course, in addition to TV shows, I also watched a lot of cartoons and TV series. My favorite TV series from my childhood was “Matchmakers”, which I adore even now. Every time I sit down to eat, I turn on the live broadcast on YouTube, where they are played 24 hours a day and enjoy watching, because I am overcome with nostalgia for the past that I will never have again. To be honest, I’m sorry that most of my favorite TV shows no longer release new seasons, and television doesn’t offer us any new ones. But I am happy precisely because I saw all these programs, cheered for my favorite participants and waited every evening for my favorite programs.

In general, television is a cool thing, so new, but it forces us to go down the ladder of development. Most TV programs are built in such a way that there is nothing useful, and they are created only to entertain the audience. I believe that at least once a day, sometime in the evening, when you need to unload your brain after a busy day, such programs are the best choice. You simply observe the development of events and you do not need to twist this situation several more times in your head. YOU simply rest both physically and mentally. So, no matter what anyone says, TV shows are a wonderful break from the everyday life of each of us.

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