Essay on the topic “My favorite film”

Essay on the topic "My favorite film" Essay

My acquaintance with the world of cinematography began very recently. To be honest, I don’t like to watch all kinds of movies or series, because I don’t enjoy it because I always watch them alone. I still like to watch movies when a large company of people gathers, and it is especially interesting to watch the horror genre of movies at such a time. It must be horror, because at this moment mass abuse of those who do not really like this genre begins. So to be honest, it was quite difficult to choose one movie that I like the most.

I want to start with the fact that there are movie genres that I do not understand and do not like at all. These include action films, detective films and documentaries. However, I recently discovered a new genre for myself – horror, and in addition to them I love fantasy and comedies. My acquaintance with horror films began in September, when I entered a higher educational institution and my neighbors and I decided to choose a movie for the evening. It was very difficult, because everyone had their favorite genre and we were never able to reach a compromise until someone decided to choose a horror movie on their own and turn it on. Of course, there was no way out of this situation at all, so we decided to watch the movie “The Decisive Night”. This movie is currently in my top 5 favorite movies.

This film is about the one night of the year in America when the fire, police, medical and gas services are turned off and on this night the mass murder, or in other words the purge, begins. In this way, everyone does whatever they want. Someone kills, someone sets fire to other people’s homes, someone starts to scare the population. It doesn’t matter at all what you will do, because the most important thing is that you won’t get anything for it.

This film evoked in me a huge number of different emotions that I could not understand for a long time. It was scary, sometimes fun, sometimes completely incomprehensible. To be honest, lately I’ve come to love those movies that you start watching and immediately get excited not only about the main characters, but also about the meaning of the movie.

But this was a little post more about my introduction to horror movies than my favorite movie. Now I want to tell the story of how, after that very night of horrors in the dorm with the girls, I decided to try to watch a movie alone. As always, my friends and the Google search page helped me in this, where I was looking for interesting novelties this year. I accidentally came across the movie “Red Message” from Netflix. At the moment, I consider this particular movie to be my favorite, because I did not stop watching it the whole time.

I was completely satisfied with this film from the moment I got acquainted with the main events that I will be watching. In addition, I like to watch movies that have a beautiful cover and an interesting story. I liked the actors who played the main roles in the film “The Red Message” no less. I love the actor Dwayne Johnson who played the lead role of the cop in this movie.

During the entire viewing of the film, I watched and did not understand how the film would end, because everything was so interesting and unclear.. In the end, when I finished watching this film, my brain simply exploded. I didn’t believe until the end that there could be such an interesting turn of events that could cause so many emotions in me.

To be honest, everyone has a favorite movie, but I’m against movies that everyone knows. There is no point in lying and saying that the coolest and most favorite movie is “Harry Potter” or “Hatiko”. These are classic films that absolutely everyone in this universe already knows. I wanted to share the movie that came out recently, because few people know about it, but based on my story, I think many people will want to watch it.

Modern cinematography fascinates me every time more and more, and sometimes not entirely in a positive way. To be honest, in the past, films were created where the emphasis was more on meaning than on specificity. Currently, everything is the opposite. I really like old movies, but I can’t call them my favorite, because after all, a beautiful picture attracts me more than the meaning of the movie, which, moreover, everyone understands as they like.

Movies are what distracts a person’s brain after a hard day’s work. This is what helps to spend the evening in relaxation and enjoy the performance of your favorite actors in combination with an interesting plot and bright special effects. I believe that every person should choose a movie for the evening not only to think about what the director was trying to convey, but also such movies that will simply give your brain a rest.

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