Essay on the topic “My best friend”

Essay on the topic "My best friend" Essay

Friendship is something that accompanies us all our lives, it is something without which no person can fully live. The importance of friendship is that we start living in this world with the idea that we are not alone and that we are surrounded by people who can help in a difficult situation or just have a good time with them. I always reflect on the contribution that friendship has made to my personal life and I can say with confidence that when we find friends, we begin to look at this world differently and our life begins to be filled with emotions and memories. We should choose friends who will only pull us up, but never down.

From childhood, we start making new acquaintances. First, it is a playground, where our mother took us for a walk, then a kindergarten, then a school, a higher educational institution, work and many other places where we find future companions of our lives. We constantly get to know many people, but why do we choose only some, and others remain in the list of acquaintances only? I believe that each of us sees something different in each person. We find friends who have the same positions in life, who dream about the things we want, who have the same sense of humor as us. We strive to find such a person with whom we will be comfortable in the future, which is why not everyone can take the place of “best friend”.

I found such a friend when I was in the ninth grade, because it was then that he came to us from another school and was just starting to join our team. At first, he came quite sad and unsure of himself, but this did not last long, because the right people were able to raise his self-esteem and he began to reveal his potential to others. In the beginning, we hardly communicated with him, because he always behaved very quietly and awkwardly. All this changed when we went out for a walk with our company for the first time and invited him to join us. That evening, I saw in him an ideal friend who is able to help you in any situation, who has completely convincing life positions. In addition, he played the guitar well, so my heart was completely devoted to him. I can confidently say that I consider him my best friend, because he made a significant contribution to our communication, we constantly spent time together and now continue to communicate despite all the obstacles in life.

I am satisfied with the fact that I have the ability to choose those friends who will not bully me because something did not work out for me, but on the contrary, will constantly encourage me in any business. In addition to my best friend, I also have a girlfriend who has been with me for sixteen years. We have known each other since the children’s playground, when we first went for a walk with our mothers. We were lucky because our mothers had also known each other for quite a long time, so it was quite easy to find a common language.

We were constantly thrown to different corners of the world, but we were still one. For 16 years, I clearly understood that I will not find a better friend. Well, that person who constantly supported me in any endeavors, I did the same. We always went for walks, visited each other, traveled and have many memories that I will never forget. For me, she is the person who will never offend me, betray me, and will always be in my life forever. We plan to have children in the future who will also be friends with each other. I believe that such friendship is extremely necessary for everyone, because there are certain life circumstances that can depress us and it will be quite difficult to tell your mother about it, and in particular, the best friend or friend will definitely listen to your problems and help you find the right way to overcome them.

Friendship is something that brings a huge amount of positive emotions and memories that will accompany us all our lives. It is necessary to clearly understand who should be classified as “best friends”, because we should not forget that every person is capable of envy and doing everything evil. We can get to know a person as a child, and later we suffer from some changes both externally and internally. I can say that a true friend will not bully you because you have changed your interests or thoughts about the future. True friends always find compromises and do not leave each other.

So, I believe that a best friend is like your other half who is similar to you and can help you in the worst moment of your life.

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