Essay on the topic “Music in my life”

Essay on the topic "Music in my life" Essay

Music art is probably the art that I like the most. Music occupies the largest part of my life, because I like to listen to it in any convenient situation. When I clean, go to study, wait for my girlfriend, play games and many other activities, music is always accompanied. For quite a long time, my life was closely connected with music, because from the very kindergarten I found a talent in myself and began to actively engage in vocals. I found a wonderful teacher who helped me in everything and taught me how to sing, breathe and draw high notes correctly. So my life is filled with music not only in words, but I really listen to it all the time and everywhere.

My acquaintance with the art of music began at an early age, when I first visited kindergarten. As everyone knows, there are always some movements, we created concerts and many other things, so music began to flow in me as early as the age of 3. At that moment, my teacher noticed that I sing well and suggested that I start practicing with her. We studied different songs, she told me many nuances, so I began to be interested in music. Like any child in this world, I enjoyed dancing to her more, or at least pretending it was like dancing. I was fascinated by the rhythm when my mother cleaned the room, turned on the songs, and I danced near the sofa as a child.

A little later, when I started going to school, we also arranged various concerts, festivals and many other entertainment programs for myself and my parents. I sang constantly, we listened to many songs, danced and in general, each of us was fond of music at that time. A little later, when you grow up, you start to filter the music you listen to. I mean, listening to songs from some cartoons was no longer relevant, so we started listening to more famous artists, and at parties we constantly danced to popular songs.

Music runs in my blood, I can even say that. I am always with her, because I cannot imagine my life without music. I recently started listening to those performers who don’t just sing a set of words, but put meaning and soul into their performance. Of course, at parties we listen to something to bring drive and a lot of cool emotions, but alone I try to listen to what motivates me and brings joy and benefit. I have always been delighted with foreign artists who write songs about important topics. I really like listening to songs about love, because it is in them that I see how much the author experienced these emotions on his own.

My mood and inner state depends on whether I listened to at least one song today. To be honest, my mood definitely lifts when I start to turn on my favorite song and at least somehow dance to it. Life without music seems gray and mundane to me, so I try to turn on such songs that will bring me pleasure and a good mood. I believe that everyone should find their artist that they will listen to every day, because that’s when they will have a good mood and enjoy listening.

The modern world is already so full of new artists that it is quite easy to find a favorite one. I like to listen to songs in the genre of pop music, because it is the most popular and easy to remember. I believe that it is almost impossible to find a person who is indifferent to music. Any music can remind a person of important events that happened in his life, which will motivate him and charge him for new achievements. Classical works are more helpful to concentrate on important tasks, for example, when it is necessary to study a difficult poem for tomorrow’s Ukrainian literature lesson. I believe that classical music in general is filled with higher feelings and also has noble impulses. I admire composers who were able to create world masterpieces of musical art, but I almost don’t listen to them, because it’s a completely different time and we have different desires in music.

I can definitely say that my musical taste is not fully formed yet, because I am constantly looking for new artists and trying to find interesting genres in music. I love to listen to popular songs of famous Ukrainian, Russian and foreign singers as well, but sometimes I want to break away from the universe and listen to the records of famous world rappers.

So, I can clearly say that music plays an extremely important role in my life. Thanks to music, I can be motivated, I can just relax, I can cheer up. Most of all, I like to listen to the pop genre, because it is the most popular genre today.

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