Essay on the topic “Love in ancient literature”

Essay on the topic "Love in ancient literature" Essay

Literature is the kind of artistic art that is able to absorb the best human feelings, experiences, emotions and events. It is thanks to literature that a person mostly learns about some feelings that he did not feel before. Such a situation also occurs with the theme of love, which began even in the times of ancient literature. I want to emphasize that currently the theme of love is one of the leading themes for writers to write new artistic masterpieces. Why exactly “love”? I cannot give a definite answer, because I have never communicated with writers who wrote works on the theme of love, but I want to share my own thoughts on this issue.

The theme of love is one that is covered constantly, not only in literature, but also in songs, paintings and other forms of art. I believe that love is such a topic that will always be relevant, because every person will experience it at least once in their entire life. This is such a feeling that it is impossible not to describe in your work, because you can notice that no matter how difficult the subject of the work is, the chain of love is present in almost 90 percent. I have always liked to read works in which writers highlight the topic of love, because it is what inspires to accomplish new feats, to achieve set goals, and tells about both happy and not so happy endings.

Love is a great feeling that does not fade in a person’s heart for several centuries, so literature like a sponge absorbs only the best and tells real stories that can be in a person who is in love. Ancient times presented literature with many works that we read even now, where the theme of love is one of the leading ones, because its relevance does not disappear over the years. World literature tells a huge number of love stories that inspire the reader and tell about that bright and great feeling. I would like to give my own examples when I was so engrossed in reading a work about love that I was not bothered at all by what was around me. I felt as if I myself was now in the place of the main characters and felt the feelings that the characters of the work felt.

I consider it appropriate to cite a world-famous example of a work – “Romeo and Juliet”. William Shakespeare is an outstanding English classic who gave the world a brilliant masterpiece of a beautiful romantic story of two people in love. I was struck by what love can do to a person’s inner world. As everyone knows, two people in love dream of being together despite all kinds of prohibitions from their parents. I believe that people in love deserve a happy future that no one should stand in the way of.

Of course, it is impossible not to say the fact that love brings not only joy and pleasure, but also pain and suffering. But in my opinion, if you learn to listen to each other and stick to your words, hear and understand each other, you will be able to do without constant scandals and misunderstandings.

I would like to emphasize the eternal problem of unrequited love, when only one of the heroes is in love, and the other does not care about his feelings at all. Such an example of love can serve as the love of Bazarov and Odintsova. These are the main characters of the work “Parents and Children” by the famous Russian writer Ivan Turgenev, who depicted the problem of unrequited love. I can say that this is quite painful for someone who is madly in love with their significant other, but frankly, it takes some getting used to. The world is built in such a way that the feeling of love comes so imperceptibly and unexpectedly that it is quite difficult to suppress it afterwards. But it is impossible to build happiness on someone else’s misfortune, so in times of unrequited love there are two ways out of the situation. The first way is to constantly look for ways to unite with a loved one, and the second is to simply try to forget and close your feelings, if nothing works at all.

Love in ancient literature is probably the best that the writers of that time could tell us. I have always been delighted with how vividly and succinctly the authors use the theme of love and their own mastery of words. A great feeling was, is and will remain an eternal theme that will not lose its relevance for several centuries in a row. It will be very interesting for me to read love stories in a few decades and to analyze how the skill of words of new authors will change when writing works on the theme of love.

So, love in ancient literature is the most important topic, which will not be irrelevant, because sooner or later every person finds his happiness and feels a certain rush of energy and emotions that can make a person something unreal. I believe that love really gives wings and tells a person that a person will appear in his life anyway, who will turn his life upside down.

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