Essay on the topic “How to find your way in life”

Essay on the topic "How to find your way in life" Essay

Today, a person has many opportunities to create a happy future for himself and work where his soul lies. But all the same, a person asks himself the question: “How to find your way in life?” and hesitates for a long time to give an exact answer, although it lies on the surface.

Finding a personal path in life is very simple, because the most important thing you need to know for this is your hobbies. Someone draws well, someone plays sports, someone knows how to use computers, and someone does cross-stitch. Hobbies can be completely different, but if you combine it with your future profession, you can definitely become the best worker in this field, because you have been passionate about something since you were a child.

I would like to share my own story, which will help anyone understand that your future depends only on you and your desire to improve your life. At the age of 17, I decided for myself that I wanted to start working in order to cover my own desires and dreams completely independently. Of course, my parents were only happy that this thought finally crept into my head, but I still did not understand how to find a job that would not only bring money, but also pleasure. To be honest, I hesitated for a long time, because it was difficult to connect my hobbies with a normal job, because all my life I was engaged in vocals and I somehow did not imagine the possibility of combining a hobby with a job.

After graduating from school, I decided that entering a higher education institution would definitely reveal certain abilities in me that I would then be able to use to find a future job. Since I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, a hairdresser, a cashier, and many other professions were in my thoughts. But later I decided to choose a profession that would bring me first of all pleasure, and only then money.

My favorite activity during school lessons of the Ukrainian language and literature was writing works. I decided to try myself in this field, because the topic of freelancing is now more relevant than ever. The only way I had to start working was to pay for tuition from a girl who would help me find a job. I decided that I should take a risk at least once and paid for my studies.

And oh wonder, after a month my expenses overlapped 10 times, if not more, because I found a job according to my calling. Currently, I work every day and I don’t have any fatigue, because I am doing what I probably dreamed of all my life.

I took this story for a reason, because I know better than anyone that finding yourself in life is very important for any person. We are constantly trying to run after big money and at the same time we pay a lot of attention to things that we don’t like. I always tell everyone that working where your heart lies for it is the best of all. I will explain why. Since you will be doing work that you like, your attitude towards it will be much better than if you go to work with the eternal words: “Damn work again!”.

Of course, having a job that only brings you pleasure is not enough, because nowadays finances make a significant contribution. In general, a life path is something that every person should have, because it is impossible to arrange the future without a clear idea of ​​who you want to be. Finances play a big role in shaping a happy future for a person, there is no point in arguing with this, but if you choose a job that will bring both pleasure and normal earnings, it is several times cooler.

The search for one’s own path in life begins with a person from childhood, when even in kindergarten everyone dreams of working for someone, although it does not even make sense what it is. Children very often choose their future profession and at the same time do not understand why it is. But among my acquaintances there are also those who are now really working according to their vocation. From a very young age, they were constantly looking for themselves, because their parents sent them to all kinds of extracurricular activities, so now they work, get money and enjoy what they do.

I agree that finding your own path that will accompany you throughout your life is a necessary thing. However, it is necessary to weigh all the “pros” and “againsts” so as not to regret one’s own choice of future profession and vocation.

In order to find your way in life, you need to clearly understand your passions and at least think about what you want to become in the future. After it is clear what future profession you would like to choose, just start working on yourself and achieve your goals.

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