Essay on the topic “How I spent my summer vacation”

Essay on the topic "How I spent my summer vacation" Essay

The summer season is the best time that every child waits for all 9 months of schooling. It is this period of time that we try to spend as if it were the last time. Every child waits for the summer with a special desire, because these three months bring so many cool emotions that simply cannot be expressed in words. Every time the summer comes to an end, all teachers ask the eternal question: “How did you spend your summer vacation?”, so this is the moment when I want to talk about my summer, because it was super cool and I will remember it for the rest of my life .
My studies at school ended on May 28, we finally walked our last bell and went on summer vacation.

At that moment, I could not even imagine that my three months of vacation would be so full of different events and travels. It all started with the fact that on the third of June I celebrated my birthday, to which I invited all my friends who could come. We were a huge company, so we were never sad. We decided to go to the river and fry meat there, and in the evening to go outside and walk around our hometown. Everything went great, we sang, danced, ate, bathed and sunbathed a lot. The most important thing was that I had the closest people by my side, so everything went as I dreamed.

A little later, my parents decided that they should take a mini-vacation from work and go to relax on a cool lake located in the Donetsk region. We rented a small house in advance, called friends of our family and went to spend the weekend together in nature. I was delighted because it was the first time I had met a sunset on an open lake where every little detail was visible. We constantly went to the evening disco, ate a lot of all kinds of goodies and generally had a very cool time.

Every summer, my family and I go to visit my aunt in Odesa, but this year’s visit to the port city brought me a huge number of turbulent emotions, which I was delighted with. All this happened because my friends finally went with me, so I was not sad in the evenings. We decided to meet at the sea, at the famous Arcadia beach, I’m sure most of you know how cool it is. We spent the whole day at the sea, and in the evening we decided to walk around Odessa and look at the local architectural monuments. At that time, I was delighted that, being in Odessa every year, I did not see most of the places at all. My friends showed me a huge number of new parks and buildings, where we all took lots of pictures together and had a great time.

The best day in Odessa was a trip with my grandmother to the opera house. To be honest, I recently fell in love with going to the theater, because I began to like the performances of the actors, their scenery and the plot of the production. We visited one of the best ballets, which I watched with great enthusiasm. After the ballet, my grandmother and I went home late in the evening, and I watched Odessa at night for the first time. She captivated me at first sight, I finally saw the flashlights that I had dreamed of for a long time. For me, a trip to Odessa is always new adventures and a lot of emotions.

How can you come to Odessa and not visit the famous excursions offered by the best port city of Ukraine? Grandpa helped us book tickets for a tour of the catacombs, where my younger sister and I learned a lot. We walked with small flashlights, helmets and comfortable shoes, because we were underground. Our tour guide told us many interesting facts about Odessa’s past, and at the end they gave us small souvenirs that still remind us of the day when we learned the underground secrets of Odessa.

We arrived in my hometown, where my friends met me. I arrived at the end of July, so I still had plenty of time to spend it with my friends. To be honest, this summer was very busy, because I visited a lot of new cities, sights, and spent time with friends and family. I finally visited my grandparents, helped them in the garden, and rode bicycles with my friends in the evening.
The summer season is the best for me, because this is the time when I don’t think about anything, because I have summer vacation.

I tried to spend this summer in such a way that I would remember it for the rest of my life. I understood that this may not happen next year, so I have to live here and now. I am still in awe of how important it is to have good friends by your side so that you don’t miss three months of vacation and start the new school year with renewed energy.

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