Essay on the topic “How I see the future of humanity”

Essay on the topic "How I see the future of humanity" Essay

Every person from time to time thinks about what awaits humanity in the future, and each of them has their own certain thoughts about it. When I was asked: “How do I see the future of humanity?”, I hesitated for a long time about the answer, because I could not even clearly formulate my opinion. Now I would like to share my thoughts, which I was able to collect and formulate more clearly.

I decided to really think about how I see the future of humanity and what awaits us at least in 10-20 years. I would really like to travel back in time and see if my thought was accurate and true. My own vision of the future of this world is quite difficult to imagine, but with technology constantly evolving, I believe it is quite possible.

First of all, I already foresee that in a few decades our planet will have approximately 10-15 billion people. This can be said not very well, because the overpopulation of the planet will begin, which can cause negative consequences for all of humanity. But better later, now I want to tell more about the positive changes that can happen.

I am sure that the development of technology will never stop, so new and new things will be constantly introduced that will make human life easier. I sometimes wonder if there will be flying cars in the future? I think it probably is. They probably already exist, but somewhere far from our country. I imagine that if there will be a flying vehicle, then it will be much easier for humanity, for example, to remove rubble, and after flying cars, other types of public transport will definitely be introduced, which will be quite a competition to our buses, on which we are used to travel around the city.

The change will take place in absolutely all spheres of life, I would like to talk now about the change of houses. It seems to me that they will be built huge, like skyscrapers, and they will also be very wide, so they will be able to accommodate a large number of sports halls, schools, hospitals and many other entertainment centers. However, it seems to me that such a change will not lead to the better. I really like walking in parks, visiting rivers and lakes, traveling in the fresh air. I would happily wander there for a few hours, but I would hardly be able to live in such a house.

Changes in housing and transportation, as well as an increase in the population of the planet, will make it difficult to feed it. A large number of countries have already begun to think about growing food artificially in the future. We will have to give up the usual tastes of our favorite foods, because artificially grown foods will only be there so as not to die of hunger, and such a natural taste will no longer exist. However, there is an alternative version of such an event. Humanity can find an alternative to their favorite products – switch to plant-based food. Natural food will become much less, because the cultivation of animal life will occupy a huge amount of space, which will already be occupied. In this way, humanity will either forget about natural food altogether, or will consume it in small quantities.

It seems to me that the development of virtual reality will lead to the fact that meeting with friends will no longer take a lot of time to get to the meeting place, but you will simply be able to meet or go for a walk with a friend using the Internet. Of course, there is also an advantage in this development – it will be possible to work and study without leaving home. But there is also a drawback – there will be less live communication, which is very necessary for any person for normal development. I wouldn’t want virtual communication to completely replace live meetings, because I love going out with my friends and meeting my loved ones so much that I just won’t be able to live normally.

It seems to me that the most important change that will take place in our world is the settlement of other planets by people. I am constantly wondering if there is life on planets other than Earth. Maybe there is humanity on Mars too, but they are not so similar to us? It seems to me that some life already exists there, which will soon begin to develop, so in the future we will be able to fly to our friends on other planets.

I believe that each person has reflected on how they see the future of humanity. I would very much like to see changes not only in appearance, the surrounding environment, but also in the perception of other people. I would like humanity to be more tolerant and realize over the years that each person is an individual and has his own choice.

So, my thoughts on the future of humanity are a bit mixed, because I believe that some changes may not be for the better, but still, I would like to see what the future holds for us.

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