How to watch “My Hero Academia” anime in chronological order

How to watch “My Hero Academia” anime in chronological order Chronological order

“My Hero Academia” is an anime that has caused enough buzz around itself. It became controversial for many viewers. Someone, having looked, falls in love with the characters and the setting, becomes a real fan of the path of becoming the hero of Izuku Midoriya and other characters no less important in the anime. Someone, on the contrary, finds the series something clichéd and therefore, probably, not interesting for themselves. However, this does not change the fact of the popularity of the series, therefore, especially for those who do not want to miss a drop of information about their favorite characters, main and secondary, below is a list of the sequence of viewing to this point in seasons, films and additional episodes that have already been released.

1. “My Hero Academia” (Season One).

In the world of the not so distant future, almost everyone has a Quirk – some kind of individual power that manifests itself in people at the age of 4 years. Gradually, people got used to such an unexpected mutation of the whole of humanity and were able to adapt. However, someone decided to use the power given to him to commit crimes. Therefore, the old dream of many teenagers came true – the official profession of Heroes arose. The protagonist Izuku Midoriya dreamed all his life of becoming a Hero and saving people with a smile on his face. But fate had other plans: the boy was born quirkless. And yet, even this did not break his faith, but it helped to meet his long-time idol Hero No. 1 All Might, which forever changed the life of the quirkless Midoriya.

2. “Rescue! Rescue training!” (OVA).

This is a special episode that came out with the 13th volume of the manga of the same name by Kouhei Horikoshi (author of the Academy). Yui’s teachers prepare a special rescue class for 1-A.

3. “Notes of a hero”.

An episode that retells the events of the anime that have already taken place.

4. “My Hero Academia” (Season Two, episodes 1-20).

4.1. “Death Training” or “Training of the Dead” (OVA).

A special episode that takes place after the Sports Festival arc and centers around Midoriya’s class training battle with invited students from another heroic Isamu High School.

4.2. “My Hero Academia” (Season Two, episodes 21-25).

5. “My Hero Academy: Two Heroes” (p / f).

Midoriya, along with All Might, arrives at the island of technology, where old acquaintances of Hero #1 live and work. During Izuku’s stay, and also, as it turned out, the other guys from his class on the island, he will be attacked by the Villain. Young future Heroes will have to face danger in an attempt to save themselves and ordinary people.

5.1. “Rise of the Almighty” (OVA).

A short episode that tells how All Might said goodbye to the teacher who was engaged in his training, and went to America to become what the world now knows him to be.

6. “My Hero Academy” (Season 3, episodes 1-12).

6.1. “Do it! Survival training.” Also in another way the name can sound like “Do or die survival training”.

Aizawa Shota, Midoriya’s class teacher, conducts a training session for his students on the topic of emergency rescue. Consists of two episodes.

6.2. “My Hero Academia” (Season 3, episodes 13-25).

7. “My Hero Academia” (Season Four)

8. “My heroic academy. Heroes: Sunrise”. (p/f)

9. “My Hero Academia” (Season Five, Episodes 1-18)

9.1. Hero League Baseball (OVA).

An additional episode that tells how some students and pro-heroes participated in the baseball tournament.

9.2. “Laugh! Like you’re in Hell” (OVA).

An extra episode that tells more about Midoriya’s internship with the Prospector and how he happened to meet with an unusual Villain that made everyone laugh.

9.3. “My Hero Academia” (Season Five, episodes 19-25).

10. “Mission of World Heroes – Departure” or in other words an adaptation of “Hawks: Soothe” (OVA).

A special short episode that precedes the plot of the next movie.

11. “My Hero Academy: Mission of World Heroes” (p/f).

The plot of this story lies in the global task of all the heroes who are trying to prevent a terrorist attack, the purpose of which is to cleanse the world of people from quirks. Izuku and his friends go to various parts of the world for this. However, things don’t go according to plan when Midoriya meets an apparently illegal peer, gets into trouble with him, and soon the news reports that the young hero student Deku is wanted for a murder.

12. “My Hero Academia” (Season Six)

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