How to watch “Made in Abyss” anime in chronological order

How to watch “Made in Abyss” anime in chronological order Chronological order

“Created in the Abyss” can not be called very popular, it is not so on the ear of the entire audience, but those who learned about it and watched it, definitely have a certain impression. Some may call it almost a masterpiece of their anime season. And in fact, can hardly leave indifferent the dangerous journey of the protagonist Rico and her companions, which one wants to keep watching and finally find out if the children will reach the cherished goal or the dangerous world of the Abyss will swallow them before. So for connoisseurs of this work, below is a viewing order list, which should help sort out the chronology and not miss anything.

1. “Created in the Abyss” (Season 1, 13 episodes, 2017).

In the world of this anime, there is the deepest place on planet Earth, the way to which was found through a huge hole. And gave a name to it all – the Abyss. A lot of brave explorers and explorers went inside to uncover all the mysteries and secrets. And also – to find hidden there treasures and valuable ancient relics. The abyss keeps many dangerous places, it is inhabited by a large number of no less dangerous creatures. And it was there that the mother of the main character Rico died. The girl dreams of becoming the same intrepid explorer that everyone worships her mother, but she still needs to grow up. However, a robot boy who appears out of nowhere and has lost his memory interferes with all her plans. Together with a new acquaintance Rico, despite the danger, goes to the Abyss in order to reach its bottom.

2. “Created in the Abyss: Dawn of Journey” (2019 film).

This full-length anime film retells all the events of the first season, except for the fact of some scenes cut out, which do not affect the plot much. It was created for the possibility of releasing the work to cinemas, as well as for those who want to refresh your memory before watching the second season. The plot of this movie corresponds to episodes 1-6 of the anime series.

2.1 Created in the Abyss: Wandering Twilight (2019 film).

The second feature film, retelling the events that took place in the anime series. The reasons are still the same, also some scenes that don’t affect the plot much have been cut. Rico and Reg continue to descend deeper and deeper into the Abyss, finding new allies-pals and new enemies and troubles. The situation heats up, as the main characters may now lose themselves and their humanity in search of answers.

3. “Created in the Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul” (2020 film).

This is a direct sequel to the events of the first season. The plunge to the bottom of the Abyss continues, with the main characters, including Nanachi, who continued her journey with Rico and Reg, descending below the Garden of Flowers. They find themselves on the fifth level, called the Sea of Remains. It is here that the last human base, the Idofront, is located, and it is the last opportunity to turn back, for further down is the descent to the place of no return. In Idofront, the main characters meet Prushka, who turns out to be the daughter of Bondrud, the already known White Whistle, who conducted cruel experiments on Nanachi and other children. The reason for this is his desire to unlock the secrets of the Abyss and gain new knowledge. And now the new target of his research may be the Reg he is interested in.

4. “The Everyday Life of Marulk” (2020 Specials).

The short episodes are 4 episodes of 3 minutes each. They tell several stories around Marulk. This boy once upon a time, when he was very young, slipped and fell right into the Abyss. It was Ozen, the owner of the White Whistle, who helped him not to fall at all: the woman saved him, and Marulk has remained with her as an apprentice ever since. Despite the curse of the Abyss, the boy decided not to return upstairs and immersed himself in life at Watcher Base, rising to high rank and even receiving the Blue Whistle.

These specials do tell of Marulk’s normal everyday life, some everyday worries, and how life inside the Abyss goes. In addition to the usual unaffecting situations, the viewers will also be shown how the boy and the White Whistle met.

5. “Created in the Abyss: The Sun that Flashed in the Golden City” (Season 2, 12 episodes, 2022).

The long-awaited second season, a direct sequel to the subsequent dangerous adventures of the protagonists consisting of Rico, Reg and Nanachi. They finally descend to the sixth level, called the Capital of the Unfaithful. Danger is their constant companion, but that doesn’t stop the guys from stubbornly moving forward and finding more and more unusual places and facts.

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