How to watch “Attack of the Titans” movie in chronological order

Cinematographers of the Land of the Rising Sun are able to make exciting films about the dangers threatening humanity, which keep the viewer in suspense until the last second. Anime “Attack on Titan” (in another translation – “Attack on Titan”) is no exception. Despite the obvious reference to ancient mythology, the plot of “Attack on Titan” is turned into an indefinitely distant future, when our descendants meet stupid, but furious cannibal monsters who appeared from nowhere. At first, people erected a giant wall separating their settlements from the territory where the titans live, and for about a hundred years they lived in peace and tranquility, confident that they had got rid of the formidable danger for a long time. But their prosperity was imaginary – the titans broke through the border and killed the mother of a young man named Eren, who immediately vowed to take revenge on them until the end of his days. In what order should you watch the seasons of Attack on Titan, based on the manga of the same name?

How to watch “Attack of the Titans” movie in chronological order

The first season of “Attack on Titan” tells about the structure and background of the world in which Eren and his friends live. All three episodes of the season are must-see – they help to understand why a deadly feud arose between humans and titans and why attempts to find a common language with monsters or simply intimidate them as dangerous wild animals are doomed to failure (the titans are not smart enough to something to fear, especially to assess the consequences of their attacks). The first season is worth watching even for those who miss individual episodes of the second or third season – otherwise they simply will not understand the meaning of the story.

We set off on the road together with the reconnaissance corps, which will have to find out where the titans have fled after the next attack and what to expect from them. Eren also participates in this campaign, considering the destruction of the titans as his duty. After killing one of the titans, the friends find the decapitated body of a young woman – an intelligence soldier, as well as an unfinished diary by her, which can shed light on the secrets of the titans. Arguing about how to proceed, the guys come into conflict, but reconcile before the threat of a new danger. This time, the friends will have to fight not with a titan, not with a robot that has gone out of obedience, a prehistoric monster like the famous Godzilla or wild animals, but with a gang of their own kind – criminals who put themselves outside human laws.

Events in the second season of “Attack on Titan” are developing no less dynamically. Here, Eren and his sister, who also witnessed the tragic death of their mother, study the habits of the titans and learn to fight monsters, using their weak points and their own knowledge of the habitats of the titans. The fighters against the titans unexpectedly discover a new variety of these monsters, which are generated by the very womb of the prolific mother Earth. It seems that the planet equally favors both people and their mortal enemies.

In the third season, Eren and his friends come into conflict not only with the titans, but also with their own government, which behaves no less disturbing and unpredictable than the monsters. At the same time, the young hero is trying to learn about life on the other side of the wall, where not only titans live, but also other creatures. Eren also discovers in himself superpowers unknown to people, allowing him to become on a par with the titans, and even defeat them. And at the same time, he begins to worry if he will scare away his fellow humans and turn into a crazy monster possessed by violent fury, ready to destroy everything in its path, not distinguishing between enemies and friends.

Finally, in the fourth season of “Attack on Titan” people penetrate into unknown lands, where the lair of their mortal enemies is located. They learn why the titans continue to multiply despite losses in battles, unexpectedly discover that some people can live in a semblance of fellowship with the titans, and also discover abilities in themselves that allow them not to destroy the prolific tribe of titans, but to control their power so as not to wait the appearance of new evil monsters from nowhere and finally feel at peace and security.

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