Yoga with Alice

Alice's half body shot in a yoga posture

2020 took us all by surprise… and like everyone, small businesses and freelancers are being pushed to adapt, be patient and very creative in our own ways to keep our businesses and careers going. While keeping social distance to protect each other is the thing to do, I came up with the idea of approaching a few individuals that have inspired me during these times. I see how now more than ever supporting each other, collaborating and creating a sense of community to get through these days of isolation can be so beneficial.  

I was so glad to find out about Alice on Instagram. When I went on her website I was impressed with the amount of yoga tutorials and information up there. She’s clearly very passionate about what she does and she’s surely great at it.

Alice became a yoga teacher after graduating from drama school where she also focused heavily on physical theater and dance. She did her 200hr training with YogaLondon in Ecuador. And her 300hr training with Sianna Sherman in Portland, Oregon, in a style called Rasa Yoga. Rasa yoga calls for us to trust our integrity and embody our authenticity with love and acceptance.

Alice Trow practicing yoga in nature

Since I tried her Monday’s 8am Dynamic Vinyasa Flow, I decided to make it into a beginning of the week ritual. It surely is a great way to be in your body and connect with the energy flow through creative sequences and playfulness. Her Tuesday’s 7:30pm Yin Yoga class is a treat! The perfect time to let go of unnecessary tension with awareness and acceptance. I suffered from sleeping problems at the beginning of lockdown (late nights and slow mornings were accumulating…) and I think these two classes together are a great reset button to find your center and begin the week with structure, creativity and groundedness. If you happen to miss a practice (or you’re hungry for more), all of her classes are left on her site for you to do any time and you can also find her and support her through her YouTube channel.

She decided that during the lockdown, the most humbling way to keep teaching was to offer her classes for free so everyone could join. But of course, like anyone else, she has to eat… You can make a donation through her website to support her with her career and business. You can refer to the donation guide on her site.

Alice has her own monthly newsletter where she promotes other yoga teachers. She is very passionate about everyone finding the right class and instructor to practice with, so in her blog she shines a spotlight on them and their stories.

Make sure to check out her…