Pilates with Claire

Claire Michelle


I’ve already written in previous posts about yoga and dance classes I love to do from home to keep my body healthy and mind uncluttered. Creating a space to connect and recharge during this very strange and unsettling year has become a needed ritual. This list of personal recommendations wouldn't be complete without mentioning Claire Michelle’s online Pilates lessons. I find her classes the perfect way to touch base with my body alignment, tone my muscles and get that sweet dose of pain. 

Claire is a trained Reformer and Mat Pilates instructor with knowledge about nutrition. I had the experience of working with her in the past and I can truly say she’s passionate, hard working and dedicated to what she does. Her personal story is particularly touching and encouraging. Specially to anyone recovering from an injury or experiencing mobility issues. 

She found Pilates 7 years ago while rehabilitating from surgery from a severe accident. After feeling the positive effects of Pilates not only in her body, but also in an increased sense of self confidence and life quality in general, she decided to become an instructor. Today, her goal is to help others feel and experience the same positive effects of Pilates in their lives. Aside from her Mat and Reformer Pilates lessons, she’s a rehabilitation specialist, nutritionist and can target alignment issues in one to one sessions. 

Claire in a Pilates pose

If you, like many others, feel like the lockdown has done some damage to your fitness routine and diet, I’d highly encourage you to check out her website and brand new Instagram for info about her online Pilates sessions. If you happen to be around Claygate, check out Garden Studio which will be reopening on July 26th for group and reformer classes.