Find your Blend II - Falling in love with Rose and Amyris essential oils

A young moon in the desert sky

A rose, related to Aphrodite in Greek mythology, has forever been the flower of romantic and sensual love and like Aphrodite , it relates to the heart in the human body. In tune with what this goddess represents, this very hard to find natural oil works beautifully when looking to create an environment of contentment, harmony, and acceptance. It is said to increase patience helping you combat signs of stress and creating an inner sense of freedom. Taking it now to a romantic setting, rose works as an aphrodisiac and can stimulate your sensuality, passion and confidence.

Amyris essential oil is a type of Sandalwood oil that comes from India. You will surely recognize its scent if you have ever stepped in a yoga studio. Traditionally used in meditation practices for its calming effect on our busy minds. This oil can work with you if you are looking to focus and concentrate. Amyris is the oil of turning our awareness in by helping us to step out of the demands and stresses of the outside world.

New Moon Blend 50 ml room spray with a 95 ml Goodnight Blend candle a cactus and a Hidden Sense business card

Rose essential oil can help you create a space to… Increase confidence and self acceptance, connect with your heart and most romantic and passionate side, bring harmony, and boost your libido.

Amyris essential oil can help you create a space to… quiet your mind, fall asleep, focus, turn your awareness inwards and disconnect from the day to day life and dramas.

New Moon Blend uses recommendations: Meditation, romantic occasions or dinner gathering. This blend is perfect for a bedroom or dining room.