A South London Makers Market (Online!) New Product Launch

It has been a while now since most of us are working from home. As we accept this new normal and distance ourselves from our own hectic lifestyles, our home lives are becoming richer and richer. I find myself allowing space to get rid of old stuff to allow space for the new in the house, while I'm also feeling hungry for new creative hobbies. Whether you find yourself with your partner, mates, family or alone, I'm sure lots of you are finding quite interesting what can come out of this intimate time of facing ourselves and our close ones. 

Whether your are looking for new inspirations for your own creativity, ideas for your home or simply looking for a change of wardrobe, make sure you tune in to @ashouthlondonmakersmarket Instagram account this Sunday 3rd

A South London Makers Market *ONLINE* Flyer

I'm so glad to be taking part in this exclusive market where 25 London creatives will have the opportunity to show their work and sell their handmade products.

Taking this amazing opportunity, I will be launching the new larger candles in  the line. These hand poured long lasting candles come in a beautiful amber glass with a decorative wooden lid. They are perfect to be reused as a whisky glass, coffee pot or anything else you can think of.

3 of the new 260 ml candles in the range in amber glass jars with wooden lids and green labels in front of a decorative background

I will of course be at home happy to answer any queries through Instagram DM (@yourhiddensense) or email. 

Hope to connect with your there :)

Edu x