Sons of the Forest ending explained

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Computer horror “Sons of the forest” belongs to a very common genre of “survival games”, where the main task of the player is to survive until rescue and, at the same time, fight off attacks of various levels of monsters, mutated creatures and various other ugly creations of nature or technological garbage.

According to the storyline, the main character, controlled by the player, is part of a military squad sent to investigate the strange circumstances of the disappearance of the Puffton family, consisting of three people.

The situation quickly gets out of hand, and the rescue ship crashes off the coast of the island, which is literally teeming with bloodthirsty mutants and distraught cannibals. The character after the accident and the massacre is left alone with the only surviving colleague of the group.

In addition to the constant struggle for survival, the hero will have a chance to gradually find out the whole ins and outs of what is happening on the island, the history of the Pufftons themselves and the events that took place before the arrival of the rescue mission.

After finding a portable gadget, it becomes known that Edward Puffton is the CEO of a corporation and a multi-billionaire prone to mastering strange artifacts.

After reading in ancient manuscripts about the existence of a certain Golden Cube with otherworldly properties and now located on the same island, Edward buys it at the entrance of a bitter trade war against competitors from the Sahara Therapeutics company. Then he invested a lot of money in building an underground resort here with living quarters, gyms, a nightclub and other services.

Sons of the forest ending explanation

While the inhabitants were doing trivial things, the hired scientists began to work diligently to uncover the secrets of the Cube. Through research, they discover that hidden at the end of a tunnel of mysterious caves, behind a set of golden doors with a hand-shaped recess that can only be opened with a set of golden armor, the Golden Cube is a structure that can transform surrounding objects and space.

Not only is he capable of transporting people to other dimensions, but he is also apparently responsible for the mutations occurring throughout the island. This could mean that the Cube has been around for quite some time.

At the establishment where the player obtains the VIP key, the CCTV monitor plays a looping video of ordinary people in the room turning into mutants. The likely reason for this event is that at that moment, someone took advantage of the Golden Cube’s ability to transport. Another indication of this phenomenon can be seen in the ending after the player sneaks into a room located inside the Cube.

So, in the last moments of the game, the main character makes his way through the bunker to find the very golden door with a hand imprinted on it. Using golden armor, he fights his way through the disfigured cannibals to find a surviving partner named Timmy LeBlanc. This is where the story takes a serious turn.
Timmy shows the laptop with a 15-second countdown, and as time runs out, it disintegrates into many copies of itself. Then one of the cube’s walls will disappear, revealing a futuristic city on another planet with flying cars and cutting-edge architecture. Then another wall behind collapses and a huge mutant appears behind it in a cave.

The screen fades to a beach with Timmy and Eric, where he must make a choice: join them and leave the island, or grab a backpack and stay. If the investigation continues in the next room, which the player opens with a VIP card, he finds many dining tables where mutants are sitting.

On one of the tables are seating cards with the names of the missing family on them. The seats marked “Barbara Puffton” and “Virginia Puffton” are empty, but Edward’s seat is filled. This suggests that he has turned into a mutant. After that, you can continue to explore the island, but without the opportunity to leave it.

Ultimately, the so-called “good” ending is achieved by boarding a helicopter, allowing the character and the two mysterious men to successfully escape the island and return to civilization. During the credits, you can see the animation, as well as unlock the “Demon Fight” achievement.

The “bad” ending is unlocked using very similar methods, with all the story missions first having to be completed until a helicopter appears. However, this time the player takes back the equipment and decides to fight monsters forever.

There is also a third “secret” ending. But it requires a fair amount of preparation and planning throughout the game. It is achieved by the fact that the main character converges with Virginia Puffton, the daughter of a billionaire, and she becomes his constant companion. After entering the Golden Cube together, all survivors also end up on the beach and fly away in a helicopter, while the achievement “Keep your friends close” appears.

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