God of War: Ragnarok ending explained

God of War: Ragnarok ending explained Blog

Since 2018, the developers of God of War have been preparing players for some kind of large-scale event in Asgard called Ragnarok (the death of the Gods and the world of Asgard). It is this once prescribed and inevitable event that should happen in the eponymous part of the game.

General impression

The plot of the game is closely intertwined with Scandinavian mythology, which is really exciting. The detailing of scenes and locations simply excites the mind. If you play at maximum resolutions, then you can enjoy traveling through a colorful and realistic world.

This is not to say that the game is endless battles, rather the denouement of the story is like a 30-hour movie in which the player controls the characters, but the plot does not provide much choice of actions. The one who is supposed to die dies, the allies are also known in advance and you have to cooperate with them.

The characters are still the same as in the previous parts. Each of them has their own grievances against the Father of the Gods and personal, often dramatic stories. No matter how Odin resists, no matter what tricks he goes for, Ragnarok comes. In the game, he is represented by the rapprochement of friends, the unification of the worlds under the control of the God of War, and the change of Kratos himself.


In the previous parts, the destruction of Askard inevitably led to the death of the protagonist, as it was inscribed in the temple of Jotunheim. But the chosen one of Kratos changed the prediction by destroying part of the image. She gave her son to the God of War, and sacrificed her position and life for him. Thanks to her arguments, Kratos realized that in order to change fate, you need to change yourself and your actions. It is the combination of deeds and deeds that lead the hero to the appropriate ending.

Caring for her son, the altered perception of love and death that Fei had once given, made the God of War more human. He did not want to kill, on the contrary, he gave a chance to enemies, did not hide the truth from Atreus. In search of allies, he overcame a lot of obstacles and helped others.

The depiction of the prophecies was also misinterpreted. Neither Loki nor Kratos himself realized that the illustrations represented not only their fates. The image of a guy holding a man in his arms is an image of Atreus enclosing the soul of Odin himself in a marble stone, and not the death of Kratos as previously assumed.

Ending explanation

Having passed almost all the tasks and trials, enjoying the view of the wondrous worlds, learning the secrets and listening to the legends told by the head of Mimir, Kratos is trying to win over the main defender of Odin, Thor. The ongoing battle brings the plot closer to the denouement, Thor listens to Kratos and receives a mortal blow from his father. This event was the last straw. Atreus breaks the mask and also does not want to cooperate with the cunning Odin.

Blowing his horn, the God of War gathers allies, the goal is to overthrow Odin. A great fight takes place in Asgard, but not all Gods die. Ultimately, Atreus encases his grandfather’s soul in marble. Kratos passes the stone into the hands of Sindri, as he believes that he should decide the fate of the prisoner. The hero breaks the stone with a hammer and the soul of the Father of the Gods is lost forever.

Asgard collapses, Kratos and his allies return to Mirgrad and continue on their way. They understood the prophecy and are now going with Angrboda to the new temple. A modified image awaits father and son there. In the picture, Kratos sees his chosen one, the mother of Atreus, and her act, which changed the lives of the heroes.

Thanks to the erased image, the God of War and his son did not follow the prescribed fate, but acted on their own, which influenced subsequent events. Here, at the temple, the paths of the heroes diverge. Atreus announces that he must find a way to bring the souls of the hidden giants back to life, and Kratos releases his grown-up son. Himself, he notices a new image on the back of the wooden wall, where he becomes God, who is revered and loved. The image contains both humans and giants, which means that Atreus will be able to complete his mission somewhere in the following parts.

Now the God of War, encouraged by the prediction, with his girlfriend and chatty companion in the form of Mimir’s head, set off in search of new adventures.

Secrets of God of War Ragnarok

After the main game, Kratos can visit all nine worlds and finish things. The leader of the Valkyries, Gna, remained undefeated. All berserkers are also available, most of them Kratos will win during the passage of the main mission, but the thirteenth – Hrolf Kraki will be available only at the end. The main conclusion of the game is Brock’s funeral, where Sindri refuses to reconcile with Kratos and disappears into obscurity.

Visiting all nine worlds after the main story will bring additional rewards, significant artifacts and achievements. Also in the end there are unfinished stories, the continuation of which is a prerequisite for new parts.

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